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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008 is History

It was just me and my Mother this year. We had a very simple meal, didn't feel overly stuffed when the meal was over, and had an enjoyable afternoon. We chatted with the family in California who are doing the early-bird shopping in the morning. UGH!! One of the perks of growing older...a person no longer HAS to do those things. The "kids" think I'm too old for much shopping and I'm NOT about to disallusion them !! Although my best friend and I did agree the other day that "shop 'till you drop" doesn't take as long as it once did.

I bought the most beautiful fabric yesterday. It's pale pink with a silvery sheen to it. And so soft. It reminds me of the cotton sateen that was popular when I was young. It must have been more expensive than most, because as I recall, to have something made from sateen was a real treat.

Well, I'm off to go practice some machine quilting so I won't make a mess of this Special Quilt I'm trying to get finished.

Have a Great Weekend coming up,
And a safe trip home from Grandma's House.


A roof over my head, humble as it is
Peace and quiet
That I live in the country

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