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Sunday, November 16, 2008

It's Sunday evening already. Just exactly WHERE has this weekend gone? Sure sped by in a hurry to get somewhere else. I've been working on that quilt most of the day and decided it was time for a break. A few of the blocks aren't the size they should be so that's the next step--to fix them. Then it's on to the layout and stitching the top together. YEA !! When I get the top done I'll post a picture of it. The next one in the works is Dress Up Cats (September 07 Quick Quilts). I found the cutest multi colored fabric. It's got buttons on it. I used that as my inspiration fabric and found small polka dots and some pin dots to cordinate with it. Now just to get it done. The cats are all cut out. I just need some background and backing fabric and I can sew away on it. Then there's cupcake pin cushions, criss-cross coasters, a new sewing machine cover (for me), and get started on my give-away quilts using all my scraps. (I have CONTAINERS full!) Oh, and finish MY wall hanging. I'd also like to do a Christmas table topper of some sort. Our kitchen table is getting so beat up I'd like to cover it with SOMETHING. Think that's enough projects to keep me from sleeping too much between now and Christmas? I do.

Enough for tonight. I'm ready to vegg out for awhile.

Thankful list:

No rain today
Sun was out
Got all the blocks done for quilt #1