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Monday, February 25, 2013

Happy Homemaker Monday

THE WEATHER: Well...this morning we had high winds and heavy snow, school was cancelled because of the blizzard conditions and most businesses were closed.  This afternoon the sun came out! And everything started melting. Yay! BUT tonight the low is forecasted to be 10*.  Oh brrr!
Here's what it looked like after the storm.

(have you seen snow before? LOL)
RIGHT NOW I AM:  Sitting in my recliner as I write this post and watching the last little bits of the sunset. I love sunrises and sunsets.
THINKING: That it would be VERY nice if it didn't get as cold as the forecast says it will. The weatherman is wrong about other things, why not the cold temperature?
ON MY READING PILE: A book entitled, "There is a Cure For Diabetes."  So far it's very interesting reading, definitely a much healthier lifestyle. I absolutely hate feeling guilty if I eat a piece of bread or have a bite of a Peppermint Patty.
ON MY TV: A large black screen, still no Dish receiver but it should be here Wednesday or Thursday.
FAVORITE BLOG POST THIS WEEK: Everyday Cheapskate Mary Hunt has the greatest advice
SOMETHING FUN TO SHARE:  My little dog needed to go out so I opened the door for her. She took one look at the snow and said, "I'll wait awhile, thank you." Finally she was very desperate and went out...but only about six inches from the steps!
ON THE MENU FOR THIS WEEK:  Monday: Chicken Noodle Soup (it just seemed like a soup kind of day)
                                                                      Tuesday: Lentil Porridge that my daughter shared
                                                                      Wednesday: Probably more soup!
                                                                      Thursday: Remains to be decided
                                                                       Friday: Cook's choice
ON MY TO-DO LIST:  Water the plants before I go to bed. I know the water will be frozen for a day or two, so this is a MUST.
WHAT I AM SEWING,CROCHETING, CRAFTING: I finished a UFO yesterday and am feeling good about that! It's a pad for a dog kennel from a long ago quilting challenge that I obviously never finished. So good to have it finally done. Now to find a home for it.
HOMEMAKING TIPS: Do you buy honey from the beekeeper in quart jars?  And they get sticky and hard to open? Put a piece of plastic wrap on the top of the jar before screwing on the lid. (they do need to be replaced occasionally)
LOOKING AROUND THE HOUSE: I see WAY too much stuff on my (ahem) "kitchen counter", but what to do with it? I'll get this RV living figured out one of these days.
FROM MY CAMERA: SNOW...see above
ON MY PRAYER LIST: My friend Ruby, several other friends with health issues
BIBLE VERSE, DEVOTIONAL: Remember that only one-third of the angels were cast out of heaven.  This means that there are TWO good angels for each evil angel, so we have nothing to fear. 
Today's Thankfuls:
That Jesus is my Savior
That the snow finally stopped and the wind has quieted down
That my little house is warm and dry.
That I can be down here by my family
Have a happy and blessed day!


Monday, February 18, 2013

Happy Homemaker Monday

THE WEATHER:  As Winnie the Pooh would say, "It's a blustery day in the hundred acre wood." Last time I checked my favorite weather page our breeze has slowed from 30 mph down to 26! The clouds are coming in also. In the NW we'd say it would be raining soon, but I really doubt it down here!

RIGHT NOW I AM: Contemplating exactly where to store  the fabric I brought down fro the storage. I'd like to get it made into quilts. It does absolutely no one any good as is. There are so many cold, needy people that would be grateful for even a scrappy quilt that I really NEED to do some good with all of it.

THINKING: That we probably WON'T be playing at the park or going for a walk today. I put the kids off yesterday because I was too busy doing MY thing. I raked leaves and washed a few of the windows, then I was too worn out to even think of walking anywhere.  Shame on me. I'm here to have special time with them and then didn't do anything special that they would have liked.

ON MY READING PILE: Other than my ever-present Bible, only the "Seattle" magazine with an article about CHOCOLATE!  Now how could I NOT read that? LOL

ON MY TV: Nothing yet. But DH DID say he'd ship the DISH receiver down to me so I can have TV again.

FAVORITE BLOG POST THIS WEEK: The Peaceful Mom  This is a great site with tons of useful information

SOMETHING FUN TO SHARE:  I bought "Just Dance for Kids," to entertain the grands when they are over here. It is so funny to watch them because neither one really knows what they are doing!  But they do love doing the Wii Fit, especially the running, balancing and surprisingly, the yoga. Hey, it's much better than just watching cartoons!

ON THE MENU FOR THIS WEEK:  Monday--Bow-Ties/sauce
                                                                    Garlic Bread
                                                     Tuesday--Cheese Chimichanga
                                                     Thursday--probably the leftovers !!
                                                     Fri, Sat, Sunday--haven't decided yet

ON MY 'TO-DO' LIST:  #1 is to take care of all these piles of fabric

WHAT I AM SEWING, CROCHETING, CRAFTING: Finishing a pet pad that I started several years ago. A sewing group I'm in has a challenge every month and the one for February is to make something for a child or a pet. Sorting through these boxes of fabric I cam across this nearly finished pad, so that will be my project.  It just needs some binding on it. Let's see, just HOW long did it take me to do the mitered corners on the Care Bear quilt?!  Maybe the dogs won't care if they are squared corners!! I need to get started on the next handmade birthday card. The DAY is rapidly approaching!

 HOMEMAKING TIPS: OK, confession time. I've stolen these ideas from Mary Hun'ts Everyday Cheapsake column.  Ladies, (men too) sneak out into the shop and borrow the parts cleaner to get grease stains out.This will work even if the item has been washed and dried! Makes sense doesn't it? It IS a grease remover.

And with tick season approaching here is another great tip. Soak a cotton ball in alcohol (rubbing alcohol, we don't want any drunk ticks crawling around!), place it on the tick and it will back out. Get it with a pair of tweezers and get rid of it however you prefer. She says it fairly quick and painless. Worth trying.

And my own tip-- The Three Rs--Reduce, Reuse, Recycle   Don't fill the landfills with things that are re-useable in some way.

Would someone mind coming over and putting this fabric away for me?  I want to curl up in this ultra soft throw and read my Kindle!!  And when you're finished with that I REALLY need a mani LOL

I haven't been listing my Thankies for awhile. It is important that we each do this, even just mentally, because it reminds us how loving and gracious our Creator is.
1. For the sacrifice of Jesus in giving up some of his divinity to effect salvation for each of us. It's our choice whether we accept it or not. A great read on this subject is, "Steps to Christ," by Ellen G White. It's a small but powerful little book. I have several paperback copies, if you would like one comment to me (I promise I won't publish it) with your name/address and I'll send you a copy.
2,  For this peaceful, lazy day. I worked really hard yesterday and deserve a day off. But I DO need to take care of this fabric that's staring at me, no I should say, GLARING at me.
3.  For this neat little propane fireplace that our son suggested to us when my furnace quit. I've got the dancing flames and it actually keeps the house warmer than the furnace did! We did have to invest in a dehumidifier though because the walls were wetter than the shower stall in the mornings.
4.  For Mary Kay Moisturizer...'nuff said on THAT subject !!
5.  For sunshine and all its healthful benefits

Till next time,

Grandma Shell

Monday, February 11, 2013

Happy Homemaker Monday


The weather:  It's hard to remember that it really is barely the middle of February! Avery beautiful sunny day without a cloud in the sky, albeit, it is a little on the chilly side. AND, very, very little breeze even. Which, I understand, is a rarity around here.
Right now I am: Taking a very long break. Hey, I got up at 5:30 and did a great deal of rearranging early this morning.
Thinking: I just LOVE this little spot where God transplanted me.  The only thing better would be the lovely LARGE home across the street. It's been :empty since last summer so maybe God is saving it for me. We are considering selling our property in Washington and making this our permanent home....we'll see how my nerves survive the tornado season, then I'll make the descision.
On my reading pile:  All my latest magazine subscriptions plus of course all my devotional books and my Bible.
On my TV:  Still no DISH receiver so nothing there except when I turn on the Wii.
Favorite blog post this week: Hoosier Homemade
Something fun to share:  Last night I was privileged to have my granddaughter read me her library book. She is an excellent little reader for a six  year old in first grade. Being a good reader is SO important. The Texas school system has Oregon beat hand's down!
On the menu for this week:  Angel Food Cake/Fresh Strawberries--oh, yum!
                                                 Homemade Hummus
                                                 maybe I'll try out this new oven and bake something. I'm not enthused   about using a gas oven. So anything I cook is done on the stovetop.
On my "To-Do" list: Do my outdoor chores that I haven't done yet.

What I am sewing, crocheting, crafting... Unfortunately I found my mending basket. More pants to shorten, skirts to shorten. I'd have quite a few clothes if they didn't all reside in the mending basket rather than the closet LOL If I set a goal to do just one piece a day it would soon be empty and I could do something fun. Also I bought a Big Shot die cutter. Now I need my Stampin' Up friend, Kat at Kat's Retirement Journey to teach me via email what to do with it! I would like to learn to make cards rather than buying them.
Homemaking Tips:  I enjoy making my own cleaning products. MUCH cheaper than store-bought and better for our health also.  I came across this recipe for the absolute best window cleaner.  I've only ever had one other window cleaner that got my windows spotless.  Here it is                    
                           2 cups very warm water
                           1/4 cup EACH rubbing alcohol and white vinegar
                           1 tablespoon blue Dawn dish detergent1
                           1 tablespoon cornstarch
     I mixed a little of the warm water into the cornstarch and then mixed all of the ingredients together and poured it into a large spray bottle.

Weather permitting I am attacking the grime on my windows from the road salt on the trip down here. The large back window isn't to the spotless point yet but a vast can actually SEE the fence behind me LOL

And here's a nifty little thing I learned in the current issue of Reader's Digest.  If you need a separated egg and don't have an egg separator handy,use a pint size water bottle! Just squeeze it a bit to create suction and place it over the egg yolk, (you have  already broken the egg into a bowl when you discover you can't find the separator.) Wah-la! The yolk gets sucked into the bottle but not the white. Now why didn't I think of that?
Looking around the house:  I see a few things that need to be put away but generally it's neat and tidy.
From the camera  I've been too busy with other things and have been neglecting my wonderful camera. That;s going on my to-do list!

 On my prayer list: my friend, my cousin that had a heart attack a week ago, God's leading in my life.

Bible verse; Devotional  "Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with all thy might, Ecclesialstes 9:10. Also, "Whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God," 1Corinbthians 10:31  These two verses
 come to mind when I'm tempted to let a less than desirable sewing pass as ok.

So that's how my day has been. Hope yours has been wonderful also. Remember, even if things aren't perfect we can still find peace and contentment. It's all a state of mind. There is a song called, "Day Is Dying In The West," and I'm watching the very last tiny bit of light off to the west.

I'm really missing my piano. I love my RV living but we DO need to find a house (like the one across the street, maybe). My sister-in-law is storing my nice piano but I have my other one, or if we got a house I'd trade with her!

Have an awesome day!