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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Useless Trip

Took the afternoon off from sewing and made a trip to the fabric store. What a waste of time. They didn't have ANY of the fabric I wanted, but I DID manage to pick up a cute flannel
for a quilt back.

Do you collect way too much STUFF? I don't have just fabric. I have more dishes than two people need, and yet we use a mismatched collection of Corelle. Even for company (country term for guests). They get a kick out of choosing what pattern of plate to eat from. So I'm not only entertaining the guests by having them over, but by the plates we use! So don't think you have to drag out the Lennox or whatever to make the guests feel special.

I also have books...and books...and books. I especially love OLD books. If my house burned down (up?) I'd miss my old books most. I still have several of the Little Golden Books from MY childhood. None of them are of any great value. To anyone but me, and I treasure each and every one. The book that got me started collecting is called Muslin Town by Gwendolyn Lampshire Hayden. (a distant relative). It's the story of a pioneer family in Eastern Oregon. It has a special place of honor right here above my computer. i could write pages and pages about my favorite books.

And then, of course, there are my family heirlooms. Some of them are more like the proverbial albatross around the neck. And I will pass them down to my children for them to drag around with them. Or not. One of my treasures in this category is an old crank telephone that was in my grandparents home when it burned on Christmas Day 1948. One of the neighbors pulled it off the wall and threw it out into the yard. Does that speak to how much more value they put on items we wouldn't think twice about? If our house were on fire I'm sure a PHONE would be one of the last things we'd think of trying to save. So, I've moved it and moved it over the past forty years. I don't dare even try to hang it on the wall. They "shore don't make them walls like they used to, Martha."


Warm home (it's COLD outside!)
Soft, cuddly dogs that love me