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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy`

I've been so busy lately sewing with my new machine that I've hardly touched the computer. I do have a couple of placemats and matching coasters done. I need to search through the stach and see if I can find another fabric to make two more. I've also finished the two quilt tops that I was working on. Now the big job of squaring them up and doing the quilting!

And, of course, there's the never-ending mending basket. I'm short so most everything needs to be shortened if I don't want to look like I'm wearing clothes that would fit my mother in length.

Christmas shopping is nearly done, one grandchild left to get gifts for. Hooray!! Since our family has grown so large, the adults have come to the conclusion that Christmas is for kids. So most of the gifting goes to them and just small things for the rest of us. Really makes life simpler.

Hubby is building me a new sewing table. It's a challenge to come up with a design that will fit in this teeny tiny space but yet be large enough. We've finally decided on a modular design. I'm getting so anxious for it to be done. I've been going through things I thought I needed in here so I'll have room for it. Thank God for large storage sheds.

I'm hoping this finds all of you:
In control of Chiristmas, not the other way around
Enjoying life

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  1. How fun to have a new sewing machine! What kind did you get?