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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Is this the season for giveaways or what? I just found another one. Some adorable hand crafted things here:
Sugar, Spice and Southern Life . Well, not everything is hand crafted, there is a cute spatula shaped like a leaf. Some really awesome things to add to your fall decor.

May your weekend be as great as mine is so far.

Friday, September 24, 2010


You need to hurry, hurry. hurry, like the mad hatter to get in on this one. It ends at 7:00 pm CT.  Too late for some of you but it's for a one year subscription to McCall's Quilting. Here's the link Tamera Quilts.  Even if you are too late it's a nice site to explore.

Happy Weekend!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Over at DIY they are hosting a give away by one of their sponsors, Janome. I have a Janome 6600 and just love it, by the way. Anyway, you can register to win a 300E machine embroidery machine, a 634d serger, or a couple of $100 gift certificates.  Not shabby prizes, eh? I'd be thrilled to have both of those machines! There is a button on the left if you scroll down a little, that links to the DIY site. So hustle your bustle on over there and get entered to win one of those fabulous prizes.

Wednesday was the last day of summer. It is now officially fall/autumn. The sun is halfway to the bottom of its path. This winter I am going to try very very hard NOT to let SADDS get me. Think of it this way, it's only twelve weeks until the December Hump Day and the days will start getting longer again! Let's be positive!

I think I have all the fabric I need to finish a UFO Challenge in one of my quilt groups.  Now I can't put my fingers on that magazine with the instructions! I know it's here...somewhere.  Where was I when I looked at it yesterday?  I only have a week to get it finished!  Eeeks!!!  AHA! I just was looking around on my cutting table, and there it was, right where I needed it!  Hooray!

I just found another giveaway. This one is for a darling little doll quilt. It's at  if you are interested.

This must be the time of year for giveaways! I was just at Pat Sloan's site, , and she is hosting a Double Blog Hop starting this coming Monday. One lucky person will win ALL 10 of the new Sullivan's Edge Rulers. That;s worth taking the time to hop around!

One last one! Gundrun, is hosting a Designers Blog Hop. I haven't been to her blog yet to see what it's about.

Sounds like lots of fun hopping around the internet!

Thursday Thanks

That "God's on His Throne, and all's right with the world!"

The rain. (Never thought I'd say that one LOL!)
The Internet. Living out here in the sticks, it's a marvelous way to connect with others.
The Princess-In-Training and the Young Prince. I just wish it didn't take me a hour to get to their house.
That my family is healthy.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


I finished a UFO! I'm proud of myself for actually getting it done. It only needed the rest of the binding sewn down but I had a mental block...I just don't like the quilt. Here is a photo of it.

It's purposely not a close-up! It was one of my first attempts at free motion quilting, and I did the motif SIDEWAYS. I just couldn't believe it when I realized what I had done. It was a learning experience!

I'm in a challenge group and this month's challenge is to finish two UFOs. So I'm halfway there!

Chuckle for the day:  My daughter was relaxing on the couch after work and needed to use the phone so she asked her four year old to please get Mommy the phone. The four year old walks over and picks up the phone, that was right beside Mom, and said, "Good grief! Can't you get it yourself?  It's right here!" To her credit, my daughter thought it was the remote that was beside her.

Grammie's Little Princess started pre-school this past week. So begins her school career.

Oh, I finally got brave and started a paper piecing block.  It is so cute that I made another one. They are only 3" finished size and there are 20 pieces. Laborious but fun! I'm an addict! Here they are

But I WILL finish UFO #2 before I do more tiny blocks, I WILL I WILL!

This afternoon it's warm, well warmer than it WAS!  And that beautiful blue sky of autumn. It all makes for a wonderful day.

Sunday Simmerings

Why is summer so short and winter so long?
Why don't more people migrate?
Where, oh where, is that book I've been searching for?
Why can't we store the warmth from these beautiful days to get us through winter?

Friday, September 3, 2010

Add Joy to your Life

I came across this while straightening up all the accumulated paper on my fridge and thought I'd share it with you.

1.  Pay as much attention to the things that are working positively in your life as you do to those that are giving you trouble.

2.  Rake a big pile of leaves every fall and jump in it with someone you love. (Remember doing this when you were a kid?!)

3.  Memorize your favorite love poem.

4. Learn three knock-knock jokes so you will always be ready to entertain children.

5. Don't let weeds grow around your dreams.

6.  Remember that everyone you leet is afraid of something, loves something, and has lost something.

7.  Regardless of the situation, react with class.

8.  Let some things remain mysterious.

Isn't this list just amazing? And such words of wisdom to live by.

My oldest daughter gave me a book called "The Four Agreements." The principles of the book are:

1. Be impeccable with your word. (can you imagine what a better place this world would be if everyone practiced just this one?)

2.  Don't take anything personally. (a difficult one.)

3.  Don't make assumptions.  (don't we all tend to do this one?)

4.  Always do your best. (notice it doesn't say, 'Be perfect."  It says do your best. As long as we do our best we have nothing to be ashamed of.)

OK philosophy class is over!  On to sewing.

I won a contest from the other day.  My prize came today. A charm pack, two of her quilt patterns, sample spools of Aurifil thread, and the cutest little jar of buttons.  Now how did she ever know I collect buttons? Just any old buttons, they don't have to meet any criteria other than being a button.

Since starting this I also won a prize from Sandi at Seasons BOM. I got an embroidery pattern and some floss. Awesome!  The ladies in one groups I belong to thought I should buy some lottery tickets LOL

You all have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend and most of all, Be Safe!

Awesome Flower

Here is a link to a tutorial to make a cute flower.  She has many uses for them, anything from a flower pillow cover to a do-dad on your purse, to a broach. Scrappy Strip Rose

Hope you've had a good week. It certainly has gone by quickly! I'm joining a Challenge to finish one or two UFOs this month.  I've chosen to finish a Christmas Card Holder I started for Christmas 2009, it's about half done. And then a chicken pot grabber that's not that far along in its incubation!

Have a great weekend!