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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Midnight Mumbles

It's nearly 1 am and here I am sitting at the computer. I finally got tired and bleary eyed sewing and dedided to quit for the night. I just discovered an awesome site about using all those little pieces to make scrappy quilts for the less fortunate. This has been a goal of mine. It seems that every winter, even here locally, I hear about houses burning down and familes losing everything. Since I'm SO cold-blooded I've been wanting to do SOMETHING so others could stay warm also. The site is called Creative Scrap Quilting. Very fun site!

I have only three more block to make for Mom's quilt, then I can start assembling it. Somewhere between the store and home I've lost (misplaced) one of the FQs. So for now I'm that much short for the last block. I even checked my receipt and, yes, I DID buy enough. Now just to find where it"s in hiding! I hope DH hasn't burned the garbage yet. I'm wondering if it didn't make it out of the bag when I got home.

I'm going to toddle my body off to my nice comfy bed now. See ya all tomorrow.