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Monday, October 22, 2012

Still here...

Unfortunately my living room and most of my house still looks the same. Very depressing. Sunday we drove over to pickup my new home, a fifth wheel...well...the trailer has a goose neck hitch and our pickup has the fifth wheel pin, so it's still sitting there. Disappointing, but our fault, we didn't think to check that! Here's my new home.

It's an '03 Cardinal with three slides, the other one is also in the living room on the other side. It's not as long as I would have liked but it has plenty of storage...and REALLY how much stuff does one little semi-old lady need?

Down-sizing is VERY hard! Please have empathy for the elders when they have to leave everything to go into a care center. I thought the house I have was I've gone from small to smaller.

I can put things in perspective though when I look at the weather down there vs. up here! They are in the 80s. I'm in the 50s-60s.

My sewing machine is still set up but all my sewing things are packed away, so I still can't sew. I can only peruse the quilt magazines/catalogs with yearning!!

I won't be on the farm any longer so I need to have a new name.  I like ladybugs and my dog is roll...Ladybugs on does that sound? Or, I could be Cramped Grandma's Quilting LOL just kidding!

One of these days it will all actually happen, right?

I'm going to miss the trees and my mountains. Mt Hood and Mt Adams have always been "my" mountains. And my Yellow Canary...

it may become my granddaughter's car if she can "lower" herself to drive an obscene yellow vehicle!!

Ya'll have a great day! (practicing my Texan!)