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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Eve

Is everyone ready for Thanksgiving? This will be the first year that I haven't cooked the Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner. My family that's close has all gone to our oldest daughter's for the holiday. Someone needed to stay home to take care of things on the farm. (mainly the dogs and cats) Now before you go feeling sorry for me being all alone, I won't be. My mother is coming over and we will have a brunch of homemade soup and salad. Since I'm diabetic I shouldn't be eating most of the goodies anyway, so have a little extra for me, ok?

Before Mom decided to come over I was going to spend the day working on Christmas gifts. I'm having so much fun with my new sewing machine I hate to take the time to sleep or eat ! I have so many ideas for quilts and other sewng projects that I know I'll never get them all done in time for gifts this year.

Big Dog, aka Ringo, is getting a bed to sleep on. I don't know why, since she's in here sleeping on the floor. Picture this--she's a Border Collie and walks over and looks and looks at Daisy's bed. (Daisy is my Mini Doxie.) You can just imagine her thinking, I WANT to lie on THAT bed.

Since I believe in re-purposing things, I hunted through the "treasures" in the shop and found an old, old ragged sleeping bag. I'm going to make a pillow case type cover for it that I can slip off to wash. At least now Ringo will have the choice of whether she wants to sleep on the floor or on a doggy bed. Then I just need to make a harness so she can drag it around the house with her. Have bed will travel. Just kidding!

Have a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving, and safe traveling.