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Saturday, April 10, 2010

It almost seems strange to be here it's been so long. What a month March was! Many, many birthdays, a granddaughter and her friend visited for a few days, plus the usual babysitting duties.

I almost have the kitchen painted. Now it's on to getting rid of those UG-G-LY 1970s green cabinet doors. I'm painting them white! Orange would even be a better color!! My granddaughter with the immpecable taste approved of the shade of blue I chose. Whew! It's Behr Russian Blue if you're interested and the white is Behr Frost semi gloss. An acquaintance gave me a fantastic idea to do the walls in flat paint and then choose a width of "board" in the paneling and do just those boards in the same color but semi-gloss. When the light hits it just right it gives a tone-on-tone stripe effect. Love it!

I finished the Downey Quilts for Kids quilt and it's on it's way to Pennsylvania. When I started the quilting it was going to be Rings Around the Rosies but as things often do it evolved into Flight of the Honeybee. I was running out of patience going around all the flowers!

This is the back of the quilt

The front

And a close up of the front, sorry it turned out so blurry

And here is the birthday boy's cute cake. he's really into the Thomas & Friends!

My next project is to remake a sofa cover to fit DD's recliner. We just happened to find a cover that's the exact match to the one on her sofa. How fortunate was that, eh?! I know what I want to do but how to achieve it is another thing alltogether. I want to take the excess out of the center and have two seams that are hidden in the part that gets tucked in on the inside of the arms.  That way I don't have to mess with trying to redo the arms and ties. She keeps asking if it's done yet. Can you tell I'm reluctant to start? Any advice would be most gratefully accepted!

I wish I could get this thing to align LEFT like I tell it to. GRRR!! It will NOT change from Align Center.


For a day of R&R

For Spring at last!!!

For my sweet little Daisy

For living in the country

For flowers