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Saturday, March 17, 2012

I THOUGHT I Was Going To Do Better!!

So goes the road of good intentions! It's been over a month since my last post.  Shame on me! In the meantime my Little Prince has turned four and Grammie wasn't there! (I will NOT snivel, I will Not. . . .HA!)

The other day out of boredom and wanting to brighten up my desk I made this little pencil cup.

I dug through my container of selvedge edges, looking for reds.  I grabbed the black because I love polka dots and I love red and black together. Then I wrapped them around a tin can that was the size I wanted my cup to be, to get the right size, spread some craft glue on the back of each one and there it was. I wanted to keep with my ladybug theme so I glued some little wooden ladybugs on randomly.  Then tied a bow, yes, it's sideways on purpose. It gives it more character! Glued a pearly button in the center. And it was done!

I LIKE crafts like that, that are finished so quickly.

I have bolted almost all of my fabric stash.  I like it so much better. I can SEE what I have to work with without digging through upteen totes. I have a small suitcase that was my mother-in-law's that holds my FQs.  I'm lovin' it!! Here's a sample:

My furnace quit shortly after my last post. Hmm. Maybe THAT'S why so long between posts. Then the pellet stove decided to act up.  The fan isn't blowing as much as it should and the pellet feed is working super overtime. So it uses LOTS of pellets but puts out little heat.  I have three of those tiny inefficient space heaters, but discovered that mostly this house has TWO circuits! So I can only use two at one time. Sigh.

Yesterday my new heater arrived.  I bought a HeatSurge.  They are made by the Amish in Ohio, anyway the wooden (yes, REAL wood) part is. No sticky-paper covered MDX!  It's beautiful!  Look them up online, they have several different models, mine is the curio.  I have friends that have the one with the bigger 'fireplace' but they all put out the same amount of heat.  The FedEx delivery man said he had heard good things about them, in fact, he had another one on his truck for someone else in this area.

I'm already loving the idea that I can watch a flame and not have to worry about washing the glass or clean the ash box. Does that mean I really am getting old?

My Janome Challenge group is doing a Mystery Challenge. This month we are putting applique on our chosen background fabric.  I've decided to name mine "Flying Flowers," and that's all I can say for now!  We aren't to tell what exactly we are doing.  I've had several ideas "fly" through my head but this seems to be the one that's sticking LOL  I CAN show you the background fabric though since we've posted that already.  Here it is. It's actually burgundy, poor lighting.

And here's one of those little finger mitts one of the granddaughters wanted.  It supposed to be a shark but I couldn't figure out how to make his "teeth" hang down rather than out!

And here's a photo of the Dr/Nurse apron, depending upon who is wearing it, and the crocheted bag I did for their Mom.

I have absolutely NO idea why I hung it up sideways LOL

So, you see I have been busy, if silent!

And, as the old Warner Bros. cartoons said, "That's All, Folks!"

Stay, safe and warm (or cool) until next time!