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Saturday, May 12, 2012

It's A Beautiful Day!

FINALLY! A more seasonable day. This entire week has been great. I've mowed, used the weed eater, mowed again, and almost finished weeding one bed of weeds. My arms gave out from disuse so I took a day off and did some much needed grocery shopping.

Not much happening at the sewing machine right now. I do have the beginnings of a new cover for it. And the pattern for the sides, with the fabric, is sitting on the cutting table just waiting, and waiting. My excuse is that I didn't have any black piping so had to wait on the trip to town.

You really need to go over to Bunny Hill and read today's post. Anne aided in a rescue mission. That's all I'm going to say except you won't be disappointed. Plus lots of photos.

 My husband brought me this beautiful mini rose yesterday. I hope I can keep it alive! Sorry about the light switch, I really need to find a wall that I can use as a backdrop.

                                    And here is the mug for the day.
 I know there's a name for this type of pottery. It's etched into the greenware rather than just painted. It has a few small chips in it but I like it anyway!

My three thankies for today:

For warmer weather!

For a day I can forget about mowing, trimming and weeding!

For my family most of all!

Have an awesome weekend and Happy Mother's Day!!