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Monday, January 28, 2013

Happy Homemaker Monday

I'm making up for lost time !

Today is Happy Homemaker Monday so here goes:

The weather:  Warm, sunny and breezy.  It's 71* with a 25 mph "breeze."

Right now I am:  Writing this post!!

Thinking:  I SHOULD be working on my sewing project for the week...shortening those jeans.

On my reading pile:  The new issues of "Better Homes & Gardens."

On my TV:  Nothing...see previous post.

Favorite blog post this week: Kat's Retirement Journey

Something fun to share:  My Grandson always wants to go walking if it's a warm day.  We have really good times on our walks.  His sister is a true alley cat...she loves to walk the alleys! You can get a different perspective on the type of people that live there by looking at their backyards! So keep your back yard neat and tidy never know when the Alley Cats might walk past!

On the menu for this week: Cleaning out the fridge leftovers

On my "To-Do" list:  Take care of papers to be filed, shorten jeans, make a batch of "Same-As- Bisquick."

What I am sewing, knitting, crocheting, crafting.... Sewing machine cover, shorten jeans, card

Homemaking Tips: Fill the sink with water and dish soap when you're cooking and wash those utensils as you are          finished with them. When you are finished there's no mess to deal with.

Looking around the house: I see Daisy, my Mini Doxie, asleep in "her" chair.

From the camera:  nothing this week

On my prayer list:  A very special friend that is battling cancer, my family, the political situation.

Bible verse; Devotional My all-time favorite Bible text is Isaiah 65:24, "Before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear."


I FINALLY made it to Texas! Just before Thanksgiving.  It has taken me awhile to get settled and get my own internet, no TV yet but at least I have internet!!

Back in August when I was down here my granddaughter asked me if I'd make her a Care Bear quilt. Things got put on hold when I decided to move, and then the settling in. She asked if I could PLEASE have it done by Christmas. I was just using one of those quilted panels for the center and putting border strips around that.  I thought a few have been working steadily on it, with a day off here and there. It was finished this past week! I hadn't done mitered corners for so long, I was having to re-think just how to do one.When it finally all came back to me I made a small sample and put it in my Tips & Tricks book for future reference.

Here is the finished quilt!

I thought I'd taken some photos of the beautiful sunrises we've enjoyed here but evidentialy not.  I didn't find them.  I'll remedy that situation!

 My 1/2 Dozen Daily     

has a Sunday Night Chit-Chat. These are the questions asked each week. Join the fun! In my comments post a link to your blog and let me know.  I'll come visit your page and leave a comment.

What I'm doing: (what I was doing last night)
  • Reading--My Bible
  • Watching--nothing, my TV isn't hooked up yet
  • Listening to--neighborhood dogs barking
  • Baking/Cooking--does a pot of coffee count?
  • Happy you accomplished this week--finished THE QUILT !!
  • Looking forward to next week--getting my jeans/pants shortened so I don't walk on them
  • Thankful for today--sunshine and's 30s and snow in WA..70 here in TX
  • *BONUS QUESTION* What chore around the house do you dread doing the most
    It used to be cleaning the fridge (that was my punishment as a teenager.  The dislike still lingers.)  I can't really think of anything other than changing the sheets. With my present situation it is very difficult.  Don't ask, it's a LONG story!)

    Glad to be back online at last!