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Thursday, May 27, 2010

What I've Been Doing

In between rearranging and trying to declutter my home I have actually managed to sew a little. Two more pillowcases for my main little man. One is scraps of a jungle print that I'd made a shopping cart cover from and the other is very bright tropical fish. Who knows just why I bought that fabric but it's going to a good use now.

I haven't been able to mow the grass for going on three weeks. I know, if it gets much taller they're going to designate it wildlife habitat! This morning it was dry, not windy and not too cold so yippee-skippy I got the lawn mowed, most of it. I was in the process of trying to put up a couple of hose hangers and a hanger for a new wind chime when the rain came. With a vengeance!

If you would care to read a first-hand experience of a rattlesnake bite victim visit My Romantic Home . It's interesting to me since rattlers are common in this area.

I have ONE place mat all done, done, done that coordinates with the blue and yellow table topper. All I need to do to the other three is put the bias binding on. The genetics from my left-handed mother are showing through. I have several tutorials on making continuous bias, and if you think I can begin to figure them out !! When I read them it all makes perfect sense, it's when I try to do the actual sewing that I run into problems. I have my square of fabric, have cut it and sewn it into a parellogram, marked the cutting lines, but i just don't seem to be able to line up that last seam. So I'm letting it 'cook' for a bit.

This weekend I MUST do some sewing on that chair cover. I have cut it in two and fitted it on the chair to see what the next step needs to be, so I'm making progress. S-L-O-W-L-Y.

Can I share a Grammie story? Like you have a choice LOL My daughter called me on the cell phone while I was on my way home wanting to know what I'd done to Little Man. It seems he was lying on the floor crying his heart out because he wanted to go home with Grammie. is that sweet, or what?

Thursday Thankfullnesses

That God takes care of us

That I got most of my lawn mowed before the rain came

That I wasn't the one bitten by a snake

That everything is so green and beautiful after a good rain

That the birds music is so enjoyable

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Where'd April Go? And other thoughts.

Did I miss April?  Must have, it still feels like March.

I finally got my round table topper all finished and on the table! YAY!! Now I'm finishing 4 coordinating placemats.I'm making bias binding right now.. I have a square of fabric cut and I'm going to try the continuous bias method. Well, I will if I can find the notebook that I wrote the instructions in. That's what happens when I tidy up my desk...I can't find a thing !! I found a good video tutorial at Erin Compton Designs blog if you are interested.

Here's a photo of the entire topper.

Oh, I get so tired of this! I keep telling it to left justify and it insists upon center justification. GRRR!!

The placemats have some of the same fabrics in them. When i get one finished I'll post a photo. I'm rather excited about getting to finish something for ME for a change.

I got brave one day and cut into that scary project. The recliner cover. I've even taken it over and put it on the chair so I could see how much needs to be removed. Now she wants elastic all around the bottom to keep the cat from going up under it to scratch. And a separate cover, all elasticized for the foot rest. Remind me, if I have another set of children in a future life, to teach them to sew LOL

I have a smallish bedroom so an entire bed frame is out of the question but I bought a headboard at an estate sale yesterday. It needs some repair work but I'm going to sand it down and paint it white. I've developed quite a liking for white painted furniture lately. I've also thought of doing my entire house blue and white with other accent colors but since my HUGE couch that takes up most of the living room is dark turquoise that probably won't work! I AM getting rid of those hideous green cupboards that you catch a glimpse of the the above photo. They are changing to white. I lived through those colors once, not doing it again!

Finally. I got the formatting to change to left justify.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there! If it's nice I'm going to give my sewing machine a rest and go do yard work. There are so many weeds that are begging to be pulled and grass that needs mowing. I'm not sure how many flower pots I'm planting this year. It gets to be such a chore keeping them all watered and fertilized. We'll see. I love color in my yard, so...

Things I'm thankful for:

My almost blooming lilac bush
That the wind has died down. I was SO tired of the 'breezes'
For the peace and quiet of country living
That I don't have to put up with some people on a 24/7 basis
That I'm really not as old as I feel sometimes LOL
That it's finally warming up, some. I had to scrape ice from my windshield yesterday morning !!

Ta-ta 'till next time!