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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Just a short post today to express my gratitude and share a short little movie with you. Please watch this movie. It is excellent!

I have an unspoken gratitude today. It's very personal so I won't share it here.

My dog wanted out a bit ago so I stood watching the night sky while waiting for her. How very beautiful!  There was the huge constellation, Orion, dominating the southern sky and thousands and thousands of lesser stars and other constellations.  It is so peaceful and quiet at night in the country and the darkness covers everything that is less than joyful to gaze upon.

Yesterday I finished two little fabric postcards for a swap I'm in. I thought I'd share them with you. Nothing fantastic but these are my first attempt at making postcards so I do have a certain sense of maternal pride in them.

This one is a representation of Mt Hood Or and the Columbia River. It doesn't show well in the photo but I added glitter on the snow and I plan to put just a touch on the water also.

This one is a winsurfer on the Columbia. There is more glitter on the water than shows in the photo.

I see now why people get so addicted to making postcards. They are FUN and use up those scraps I'm too stingy to toss! You can be sure I'll be making more!

Be grateful for the simple things in life that we all tend to take for granted and have an AWESOME day.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thankful For . . . .

I was just reading my daily email from Mary Hunt . Of course, her theme was on being more thankful for what we have. That instead of just expressing our thankfulness one day a year, we should do it EVERY day.

With that in mind, right now I'm very thankful for:

A roof that doesn't leak. It is pouring down rain out there.

That I'm not in Astoria, OR where earlier this morning the wind was 97mph on the Astoria-Megler Bridge. Does the Happy Zombie still live in that area?

That my oldest granddaughter showed up on my doorstep quite unexpectedly Saturday morning. No, she didn't run away, it was just a surprise to me.

I'm missing my TX family very much this week. Wish I could be there! Wouldn't it be fun if i could fly down for Christmas with them?  Too many snowy roads between me and them to even think of driving this time of year and REALLY surprising them.

Have an AWESOME day!

PS Here is a very interesting site that was shared with me. Have fun!

Bits N Pieces Workshop

Saturday, November 12, 2011

I Think I've Been AWOL Long Enough !!

I had a bit of the dreary-wearies late in the Winter, believe me, you wouldn't have wanted to read a word I wrote! I even lost a couple of  "friends" during that time. I THOUGHT they were true friends, bad times teach one the difference. OK, enough of that.

I'm back and wanting to keep myself from experiencing THAT again. My younger daughter got married July 10. It was a beautiful wedding and instead of throwing birdseed or what-have-you at the couple they released Painted Lady butterflies. It was magical! They were spendy but oh so worth every penny.

I'm no longer a Grammie-Nanny to her children as they moved to Texas the latter part of October.  It has taken me a few weeks to come to grips with not having them any longer. I'd move to Texas also, if I could!! My son, daughter-in-law and their two children also live there. I bearly know the other two. So, that's two-thirds of my family down there.

To keep myself busy I've been cleaning and rearranging closets and supboards. I can hardly open the door of the extra fridge out in my storage shed !! But my house is looking less like a storage shed. I've watched too many of those Hoarding programs on TV, and do NOT want to be like that. My Mother is a hoarder although she denies it because you can still walk through her house. Just how many dishes does a single woman in her 80s need? Or computers? (that are VERY outdated) I don't want those genetic tendencies to come to the forefront. Salvation Army is doing well right now thanks to my donation every time I get to town, I'm sure!

I did manage to get a set of appliqued rooster placemats done for my daughter-in-law in time for the DD to take them down. I haven't checked on my camera to see if I got any photos of them or not.

I'm trying to get things arranged so I can make some Quilts for Kids and use up some of my stash. I want new stash and won't allow myself to buy more fabric until this is gone, or nearly so.

Then I'm going to make myself some of those warm fleecy lounging pajamas. This old house is so drafty that I freeze unless the heat is turned way up. In the interest of saving money and natural resources I will wear fleece.  It's either that or become a couch potato.

Saturday Simmering

Would someone please find me a larger home in the Panhandle of TX? You'd be my new BFF!! Somewhere up around the Borger or Stinnett area.

That's the main thing on my mind today! I am NOT going to complain about the cold!

Have a GREAT day!