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Friday, November 21, 2008

Seeing Old Friends and dogs.

I took an unplanned ride with a cherished friend today. Took most of the day but we had a great time. There's nothing quite like getting to visit with a friend to make the day brighter. We even got to see two herds of wild horses. (I TOLD you we live out in the boonies!)

She has gone to school to be a hypnotherapist and is setting up an office in a nearby town. So we went shopping for drapes and things for her new office. She also was picking up her granddaughter for the weekend.

My husband and I each have a dog. I have a mini doxie and he hasa border collie. I won't let her in the bedroom (she needs a bath) so she has to sleep on a throw rug close to the door. The doxie has one of those little doxie sized cuddly beds with a cover over it so she can feel like she's in a cave. Then it's stuck under a small table so she can feel safe(and out of the way). Invariably, the border collie comes along, sticks her head under the table, and acts like she wants to crawl in bed with Daisy (the doxie). It looks so funny! I think I'll get her(Ringo) a new bed for Christmas. Poor old dog. She deserves a bed too.

I'm thankful Ringo can't jump anymore or she'd be in our bed. Gotta be a limit somewhere!!

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