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Monday, June 22, 2009

Sharon Shamber Videos

If you are a beginning quilter, or even experienced, watch the two videos on You Tube about Hand Basting a Quilt without Pins. It's a fantastic method.

I'm trying to get a quilt basted and I'm going to try this method. Since I have such a small space to work in, I think this will be a big benefit.

I tried to embed the videos but I must be doing something incorrect because it didn't work for me. So you will just have to go to the site. Hmmm. I'll try copying the URL for you and see what happens. It won't even do a copy/paste. Gremlins must have been playing with my computer during the night !! Well, go to you should be able to find it there. There are two videos dealing with this topic.

Happy Quilting!

Monday Musings

Why is the first full day of summer so cold here?
Why are the days already getting shorter when summer hasn't really started yet?
Why aren't there more hours in a day?
Why do quack grass and weeds grow so fast?
Why is it, the older you get the faster the days go by?

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Time Does Fly

I've discovered a new (to me) blog. It's called The Life and Times of Not Quite June Cleaver. Any of you who are as old as me will know who June Cleaver was. And those of you who aren't....well, look her up on the Web! She is having a contest of sorts every Friday she will post two recipes, we make them and post pictures on our blog, plus mention her blog. She has a 'drawing' every Friday for those who have entered.

So, I've mentioned her now all I have to do is get busy and cook. (what's that?) The first recipes are for a berry cobbler and quiche. So that shouldn't be too difficult. She's breaking us in easy, I guess!

One of the quilt groups that I belong to is doing a pincushion swap. I have the one I'm doing all cut out, just need to finish it so I can get it in the mail.

Mom's quilt is coming along....slowly. Somewhere I think something got stretched because to my eye it looks like the front and back don't quite fit. We'll see. I just want to get it done. I pledged to myself that I wouldn't start another quilt until this one was all done.

We had 40 mph winds yesterday and part of my clothesline fell down. My dryer has a problem also. Somewhere somebody needs to do some fixing!! Oh well, such is life in the country.

Now I need to get busy.

Have an awesome day!

Sunday Ponderings

Why is summer on the decline before it get warm weather?
Why does the wind have to blow SO hard?
Why is it so much hard work to keep a house clean and tidy?
Why can't I find the things I put in safe places!?
Why is it more fun to start something than finish it?


That the horrific thunderstorm that hit parts of the Northwest didn't hit here.
That our more than usual rainy weather has made my yard nice and green
That my little garden is doing nicely
That my husband has a good job when so many don't.
That right at this moment there is NO wind!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Perfect Day

You couldn't ask for a more beautiful day! It's in the mid-70s with a very thin cloud cover. I ought to be outside enjoying it. Why is Winter 9 months long and Summer only a few short weeks? Very unfair!

One of my quilt groups is doing a pincushion swap. I've finally decided on a pattern. Now the job of finding the perfect fabric. I want it to turn out "just right"! I need to quit being so indecisive and get with it because it needs to be to the recipient by the 15th. I'll post a picture after that date so I'm not giving anything away. Just incase she reads this!

Time to go do something more constructive. Even if it's wrong, at least I tried.

Tuesday Thankfulls

For Summer
For my Children
For my dogs
For A quiet, safe place to live in the country
For Freedom to live the way I want (this should have been #1. Eh?)