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Monday, November 5, 2012

And STILL Here

but getting closer to being gone!

After what was turning into an I Love Lucy episode we finally got my RV home! Now I'm busy getting it cleaned and loaded ready to go.  I haven't moved in nearly 30 years, so deciding what I REALLY use vs. what I THINK  I need is a challenge.

Unfortunately, my sewing machine has barely been touched for several months. I'm sure that will all change once I get settled in!! My daughter usually has a small mountain of mending for me. I'm hoping that this delerict mother can FINALLY teach her adult daughter to sew...simple mending at least.

This morning there was this beautiful sun glow on the pine trees making them very fall-ish looking. Yes, the sun is casting a glow on the GREEN trees, they aren't naturally that color!

Today I'm thankful for... beautiful sunrises like this, and my few remaining days here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Still here...

Unfortunately my living room and most of my house still looks the same. Very depressing. Sunday we drove over to pickup my new home, a fifth wheel...well...the trailer has a goose neck hitch and our pickup has the fifth wheel pin, so it's still sitting there. Disappointing, but our fault, we didn't think to check that! Here's my new home.

It's an '03 Cardinal with three slides, the other one is also in the living room on the other side. It's not as long as I would have liked but it has plenty of storage...and REALLY how much stuff does one little semi-old lady need?

Down-sizing is VERY hard! Please have empathy for the elders when they have to leave everything to go into a care center. I thought the house I have was I've gone from small to smaller.

I can put things in perspective though when I look at the weather down there vs. up here! They are in the 80s. I'm in the 50s-60s.

My sewing machine is still set up but all my sewing things are packed away, so I still can't sew. I can only peruse the quilt magazines/catalogs with yearning!!

I won't be on the farm any longer so I need to have a new name.  I like ladybugs and my dog is roll...Ladybugs on does that sound? Or, I could be Cramped Grandma's Quilting LOL just kidding!

One of these days it will all actually happen, right?

I'm going to miss the trees and my mountains. Mt Hood and Mt Adams have always been "my" mountains. And my Yellow Canary...

it may become my granddaughter's car if she can "lower" herself to drive an obscene yellow vehicle!!

Ya'll have a great day! (practicing my Texan!)

Thursday, September 27, 2012

I'm Baack!!

I spent most of the month of August in Texas visiting my children.  I had a wonderful time and hated to leave. It was nice to be with my children and grandchildren... and actually get warm!

Now I'm in the process of going through 30 years accumulation of STUFF trying to decide what to keep, what to toss, and what to take with me.  As of this writing I am planning on getting a reasonably priced 5th-wheel and going down to be near my family.  What a HUGE project! This is what my living room looks like, and that's not ALL of it!  Doesn't look like much in the photo but realize this takes up almost all of the living room!

I still have three storage sheds and the shop to go through.  I know I can't take all my books but it is SO hard to part with them.  I can't take my piano either, which REALLY makes me sad.

Obviously, I haven't been doing any sewing!  Just some mending.

Just thought I'd stop by and let you know what's happening in my world and why I haven't been posting.

Today I'm thankful for:

My daughter that keeps me going when I get discouraged.

My best friend who does the same.

The last few warm days before the cold time comes.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Wonderful time in Sacramento, CA

I just noticed this post was still sitting in my Drafts folder.  Sorry about that!  Graduation was June 6 so it's a LITTLE late LOL

I spent the past week in Sacramento, CA.  It's a beautiful city and the Municipal Auditorium (I think that's what it's called) is absolutely beautiful!  See the inside yourself!

I attended my granddaughter's high school graduation, which was the most fun graduation ceremony I have EVER attended. As their names were announced kids bowed, did the champ thing, a couple even slid in!  Does that mean they barely were able to march? It was a really good time.

Here's a couple photos of the capital.

 No, it really doesn't lean like the Tower of Pisa LOL But the photographer must have been holding the camera crooked!

This is a closer view of the artwork and statuary on the roof covering the portico.

I was standing by a circular rose garden that was all faded due to the lack of water.  There is a long street lined with palms leading straight to the capital building. I remember orange groves on either side next to the palm trees.  Sadly, buildings have replaced them.  Progress, I'm told.  Is it really?

We spent two days at various thrift stores where we bought way too much stuff we really don't NEED. But I got the cutest LITTLE red wagon. Not a radio flyer but it will look cute holding a potted plant.  A new tote that will NEVER be mistaken or lost!  It's from Hawaii and has VERY BRIGHT tropical fish.  For $1.39/lb I just couldn't let it go to the landfill!

And to make this post somewhat about quilting, I also found some red gingham fabric, and also a piece of green.  No, I don't know just what use I'll make of them at this point, but they should be good for SOMETHING.

Somewhat of a Lazy Day

I was having a perfectly fine lazy day until my younger daughter called.  She informed me she had already been up to the school track and done her two miles for the day.  And what was I doing productive today? She then challenged me to walk to the highway and back.  I'm sure I wouldn't have made it that far, let alone the two dogs! 
 One is a Mini Doxie   

(she was lagging behind on the way home as it was!).  So I did about 1.25 miles total, round trip.  Now can I be lazy? LOL

I don't know what i did to cause the blue underline so I can't make it go away!  I tried clicking on the underline button and also on the font color button.  Nada.

Lately the weather has been absolutely perfect.  A little warm late in the afternoon but otherwise very nice.  I'm lovin' it!

I haven't done much of anything with my sewing machine for awhile.  I've been so busy trying to keep up with the yard work.

I did go out and lounge in a chair yesterday and read some in a book and do a little embroidery. Jenny at Elefantz is posting a series of Bible verse embroidery, which, like all of her creations, I love.  My intention is to put them all together in a throw for my big wicker rocker.

I observe the Bible Sabbath (Saturday), so I call that my Sabbath Embroidery.  I refrain, as much as possible, from doing ordinary work and celebrate my relationship with God.  Doing the embroidery helps me really stop and think about the verse and its meaning.

OK, I really do need to go get productive at something other than the computer!!

You all have an awesome day!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Gray, Dreary Day

I know, I said I was going to post more often.  What is that they say about the best laid plans of mice and men? LOL

Well, we had TWO days of summer-y weather, now it's raining!  We had an impressive thunderstorm, for here anyway, last night.  Lightning but it was so far away the thunder could just barely be heard.  There was one clap that was close though.  You know, the ones that you hear the air split?  THAT got me out of bed and in here to shut the computer down. Fast!  Then it rained so hard I thought it must be large hail from the sound on the roof!  I actually looked out to see if it was!  No, just very hard fast rain.  My porch light has a built-in  motion sensor and something made it come on, then it didn't want to go off.  Since the forecast had assurd me that it would rain today I took advantage of a rainy day to go to the REAL town and take care of some business.

I started on a new sewing machine cover the other day.  I want to put piping between the side and main seams.  After I had sewn the two rows of piping I realized I had done it backwards!  So a-frogging we will go!  Fortunately it's only on the first piece.

I suddenly realized that I have two projects that need to be finished this week.  One of which I haven't even started yet! Guess who's going to be putting in some late nights!

  Unfortunately, NOT today!

Today I'm thankful for --

The soft pitter-patter of the rain,
That my roof doesn't leak!
Tomorrow is Skype day so I can see the Prince and Princess!

One more,
For the preview feature!  Do you know what a greary day is?  Neither do I LOL

Have a great weekend!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

It's A Beautiful Day!

FINALLY! A more seasonable day. This entire week has been great. I've mowed, used the weed eater, mowed again, and almost finished weeding one bed of weeds. My arms gave out from disuse so I took a day off and did some much needed grocery shopping.

Not much happening at the sewing machine right now. I do have the beginnings of a new cover for it. And the pattern for the sides, with the fabric, is sitting on the cutting table just waiting, and waiting. My excuse is that I didn't have any black piping so had to wait on the trip to town.

You really need to go over to Bunny Hill and read today's post. Anne aided in a rescue mission. That's all I'm going to say except you won't be disappointed. Plus lots of photos.

 My husband brought me this beautiful mini rose yesterday. I hope I can keep it alive! Sorry about the light switch, I really need to find a wall that I can use as a backdrop.

                                    And here is the mug for the day.
 I know there's a name for this type of pottery. It's etched into the greenware rather than just painted. It has a few small chips in it but I like it anyway!

My three thankies for today:

For warmer weather!

For a day I can forget about mowing, trimming and weeding!

For my family most of all!

Have an awesome weekend and Happy Mother's Day!!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Make A Pillowcase!

I was just visiting Handmade By Heidi and her Friday Night Sew-In for April is to make pillowcases for the kids that ConKer Cancer is involved with.  What a great opportunity to make something simple that will at least lift the spirits of these unfortunate children. Go over to her site to get all the details.

I didn't get one of my little space heaters turned on last night.  It got down to 23* or 24* F during the night.  When I came in here this morning it was 62* here by the computer!  Time for LOTS of hot stuff LOL  I finally got the heater to do something other than blow cold air.  Now it's time for a shower to warm up my cold, cold feet. Yes, I DO have socks/shoes on, thank you!!

I found the cutest little coffee mugs at the Dollar Tree the other day.  I really enjoy Pam Kitty Morning showing off her mugs so thought I'd do the same.  They say that mimicry is the sincerest form of flattery, SO. . . .

I love that book, "Scandinavian Stitches," by Kajsa Wikman. It is just full of fun, cheery little projects. She also has a blog site Kajsa Wikman , if you'd like to see more of her creations.

Sorry, but I already drank all the coffee! Unfortunately they didn't have any coordinating saucers, so I have to make do with with I have. I'm so attracted to polka dots that I would have loved a dotted one, even a solid pink would have been nice.  Oh well, I like the contrast of that little blue saucer. You can't really tell from the photo but that saucer is shaped like a flower blossom, one of my thrift store finds.

Off to the shower so I can get outdoors while it's still sunny and see what I can photograph today!

Today I'm thankful for:

1.  Getting that little heater to put out heat!

2.  The fact the sun is shinning.

3.  All the different varieties of birds that have returned.  They remind me that Winter really CAN"T last all year!

You all have a great day, and COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

I THOUGHT I Was Going To Do Better!!

So goes the road of good intentions! It's been over a month since my last post.  Shame on me! In the meantime my Little Prince has turned four and Grammie wasn't there! (I will NOT snivel, I will Not. . . .HA!)

The other day out of boredom and wanting to brighten up my desk I made this little pencil cup.

I dug through my container of selvedge edges, looking for reds.  I grabbed the black because I love polka dots and I love red and black together. Then I wrapped them around a tin can that was the size I wanted my cup to be, to get the right size, spread some craft glue on the back of each one and there it was. I wanted to keep with my ladybug theme so I glued some little wooden ladybugs on randomly.  Then tied a bow, yes, it's sideways on purpose. It gives it more character! Glued a pearly button in the center. And it was done!

I LIKE crafts like that, that are finished so quickly.

I have bolted almost all of my fabric stash.  I like it so much better. I can SEE what I have to work with without digging through upteen totes. I have a small suitcase that was my mother-in-law's that holds my FQs.  I'm lovin' it!! Here's a sample:

My furnace quit shortly after my last post. Hmm. Maybe THAT'S why so long between posts. Then the pellet stove decided to act up.  The fan isn't blowing as much as it should and the pellet feed is working super overtime. So it uses LOTS of pellets but puts out little heat.  I have three of those tiny inefficient space heaters, but discovered that mostly this house has TWO circuits! So I can only use two at one time. Sigh.

Yesterday my new heater arrived.  I bought a HeatSurge.  They are made by the Amish in Ohio, anyway the wooden (yes, REAL wood) part is. No sticky-paper covered MDX!  It's beautiful!  Look them up online, they have several different models, mine is the curio.  I have friends that have the one with the bigger 'fireplace' but they all put out the same amount of heat.  The FedEx delivery man said he had heard good things about them, in fact, he had another one on his truck for someone else in this area.

I'm already loving the idea that I can watch a flame and not have to worry about washing the glass or clean the ash box. Does that mean I really am getting old?

My Janome Challenge group is doing a Mystery Challenge. This month we are putting applique on our chosen background fabric.  I've decided to name mine "Flying Flowers," and that's all I can say for now!  We aren't to tell what exactly we are doing.  I've had several ideas "fly" through my head but this seems to be the one that's sticking LOL  I CAN show you the background fabric though since we've posted that already.  Here it is. It's actually burgundy, poor lighting.

And here's one of those little finger mitts one of the granddaughters wanted.  It supposed to be a shark but I couldn't figure out how to make his "teeth" hang down rather than out!

And here's a photo of the Dr/Nurse apron, depending upon who is wearing it, and the crocheted bag I did for their Mom.

I have absolutely NO idea why I hung it up sideways LOL

So, you see I have been busy, if silent!

And, as the old Warner Bros. cartoons said, "That's All, Folks!"

Stay, safe and warm (or cool) until next time!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The View From My Sewing Room

A list buddy posted a photo of her relaxing day at the beach yesterday.  She lives in Hawaii and the photo on her blog Peach Quilting is SO enticing!  So I'm getting her back with THIS!!

 This was taken through my sewing room window just a few minutes ago. Pretty ug-ly isn't it?

Rather than sitting here at the computer I need to be out at my machine. You will crack up when you see what I'm making for the youngest graddaughter!  Ok, just a tiny peek.

Back to doing something that needs to be finished.

Have an awesome day!

Today I'm thankful for a warm house.

Monday, January 30, 2012

A Question From a List Buddy Has Prompted This!

A list buddy thinks I'm very creative and asked me a few questions. It turned into a novella size reply so I thought I'd post my answers here!

NO, I don't think I'm creative at all but I DO like to take something and re-purpose it for another use, especially if it's old.My daughter mostly makes me that way! How did I ever raise a girl-child that doesn’t sew? My mother didn’t set me down and say, OK, here is today’s sewing lesson! I had a very big Bride Doll and decided she needed more than just a wedding dress to wear. I told my mother I wanted to make her some clothes so she gave me a pattern, some fabric and said be careful and don’t sew your fingers. That was it! And I didn’t sew my finger, until I was married and making a dress. I’ve only done THAT once!! (As I’ve aged I find that I’m a real woosie when it comes to pain, my threshold gets lower and lower. I’d no doubt pass out and die right on the spot!!) ANYWAY. I was probably 9-10 when I started sewing by making clothes for my doll. I’m not saying the craftsmanship was anything to brag about certainly. I’ve had to learn that as an adult. Mostly by watching a niece that is VERY accomplished. Just sitting and watching her sew as we visited, I learned so much about the proper way to do things. She’s so good she paid for the remodeling on their house with her sewing machine! Took the house from a very tiny little 2 bed, 1 bath to a 3 bed with an absolutely HUGE livingfamily room.
DD has me making a Nurse apron for my Princess, from a photo she saw on Pinterest! This has been an interesting journey. The child is in TX, I’m in WA. Her mother knows next to nothing about sewing! She doesn’t understand when I call/email saying I need another measurement, “Mom, I already told you how long it needs to be. Isn’t that enough?” I have things done and I’m ready to sew it together today. PTL!!!
Her other project for me is a crochet bag that she also saw on Pinterest. The directions are not in US English, so that’s a real challenge. I’ve discovered that we write crochet pattern instructions much differently! So, it’s a learning experience, to say the least! DD keeps my life interesting! Even from 1500 miles away LOL
I just HAVE to share my new purse with you.  I love it!  It's not leather and I only paid $15 for it.  If I can find cheap, I can have a new one now and then and not feel that I have to use it FOREVER!

I don't want to brag or anything but I just think this is so cute!  Wouldn't it be awesome in fabric?

That little "quilt" it's resting on is made from Dresden Plate blocks my Grandfather stitched before he passed away. I just put four of them together, added some ruffle and there it is!  (I do love Dresden Plates) I wanted a cover for my seldom used pellet stove that I would like to stay nice, and further more, dusting isn't something I really enjoy!

Have a great day! And do something 'quilty'!


Friday, January 27, 2012

Isn't This Sooo Cute?  Check out this darling wall hanging!  I'm printing out the instructions as they are given.  The first part is up today and will be availiable until next Friday.  Anyway, that's how I understood it.  It's only three parts, so shouldn't take too long to finish.

The weather has warmed up, for a few days, and the other day the wind blew very hard. According to my max/min thermometer though, it was 16* F last night!  No eaves dripping !!

That's it for now. I have sewing that I really want to get accomplished today. That's my intention. And I might do a little hiding things straightening in between LOL Something to make it appear I'm NOT the slobby person I really am!!

Have an awesome day!!  And, if you're North of warm weather. . . .STAY WARM

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Winter Is Here!

We've survived this first major storm of Winter.  My heart goes out to the families of those who didn't.  I won't repeat the details but there have been at least two tragic incidents that I know of.  Very heart-breaking.

It was beautiful!  For a day or two. Since this snowfall we have had freezing rain so all this beautiful snow has turned to solid ice.  It has melted some but my car is still stuck in the snow.  I was without power on two different occasions for a few hours.  I feel fortunate because there are STILL many people, even here in our county, that are without power.

On another note:  Scroll down and take a look at the CUTE, quilt-a-long I found.  And, of course, notice that there are LADYBUGS crawling around on it.  It's from 2010 but the instructions are still up.  Now to see what I can find for polka dots!

I blogged the other day about getting the cardboards from WalMart, well, that started something.

I have added more bolts since I took this photo and THERE'S STILL MORE. I had no idea I had so much fabric because it was all in little totes stuffed here and there.  Now I need to make some curtains to protect it from the light and dust. (which is VERY plentiful here once the snow melts LOL)

Now I'm off to get some mug rugs made for a friend.  I need to give them to her when I see her tomorrow as she lives about 60 miles away. I'll see her if my car gets dug out of the snowy looking ice, that is!

Have an awesome day and I hope you are surviving whatever is being thrown at you, weather-wise.

Today I'm thankful that I have power and the temps are warming enough that during the day this STUFF is melting.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

What I'm Doing

I made the most delicious Chicken Rice Soup for lunch.  I like soup!  I can get my veggies without any stress and it warms me all the way through.

I also stitched a bit on the Elefantz BOM.  I'm doing the words now and it takes a great deal of time. I'm basically a cross stitch person so this is a REAL challenge!  But I'm enjoying it.

I'm working on making a little thread catcher that I saw on a blog.  It's really cute but a great deal of hand sewing involved.  NOT my best talent LOL  I'm learning!

I was given 15 of those little cardboards that bolts of fabric are wrapped on so yesterday I took some time and started rearranging things so I can wrap the larger pieces and put them where I know what I have.  That turned into one of those "bigger mess" situations! Now I'm trying to decide just HOW to arrange them, by color families, subjects or what. First I need to get it all on the card boards and settle on a place in this tiny room!  One thing I'm finding is that I have enough fabric to open my own shop LOL And SCRAPS!  Do we EVEN want to go there?  Is this even lawful? LOL  I need to make many many quilts for others.

Have an absolutely awesome day!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Pincushion Kit Giveaway

Susan over at Desert Sky Quilting is doing a giveaway until January 17. The kit includes the pattern, fabric, and a fabulous looking button for the top. Click on the link to find out how to enter for a chance to win it.  Good luck!

Have an AWESOME day!

PS--There is a chance of snow this next week in our forecast! Maybe winter is just VERY late.  Just hope it doesn't stick around until June LOL.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I wasn't going to collect any BOMs this year since I barely got started on the ones from 2011 but Jenny at Elephantz is doing a stitchery that's just a small size, perfect for the sofa.  Each month is a different Bible verse so that will be fun to do.  If you notice, there is a button to her site and the BOM.



About Me ABC's

Age:63 Bed Size: Queen bed with pillow top mattress Chore You Hate:Washing windows. Dogs: Mini Doxie, DaisyEssential Start of Your Day:Reading my Bible Favorite Color: Most any shade of blue  Gold or Silver: Silver Height: 5'2" Instruments You Play: Clarinet, Organ, Piano  Job Title: Mom and Grammie. Kids:3 and they've given me 6 GRANDS Live: Washington, USA Mom's Name: Julia Ruth (she hates it!) Nicknames: Tootie, when I was a child. Overnight Hospital Stays: Baby deliveries and masectomy Pet Peeve: People who lie to impress others, chewing with your mouth open(or talking with food in your mouth), and people being late. Quote From a Movie: "I'm older and have better insurance. Tawanda!." Right- or Left-Handed: Right Siblings: 0Time You Wake Up: That depends,usually between 3 and 4 a.m.Underwear: Yep, I wear them! Veggie You Dislike: Brussels Sprouts What Makes You Run Late: I am very good at not being late.X-Rays You Have Had: Dental. Yummy Food You Make: What are you asking? Most everything I make is yummy or I don't make it again LOL Zoo Animal You Like Best: The big cats!

Thanks for listening! :) How about you? Copy and past this list to your blog and after you fill it out, leave a comment so I can come see!