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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Somewhat of a Lazy Day

I was having a perfectly fine lazy day until my younger daughter called.  She informed me she had already been up to the school track and done her two miles for the day.  And what was I doing productive today? She then challenged me to walk to the highway and back.  I'm sure I wouldn't have made it that far, let alone the two dogs! 
 One is a Mini Doxie   

(she was lagging behind on the way home as it was!).  So I did about 1.25 miles total, round trip.  Now can I be lazy? LOL

I don't know what i did to cause the blue underline so I can't make it go away!  I tried clicking on the underline button and also on the font color button.  Nada.

Lately the weather has been absolutely perfect.  A little warm late in the afternoon but otherwise very nice.  I'm lovin' it!

I haven't done much of anything with my sewing machine for awhile.  I've been so busy trying to keep up with the yard work.

I did go out and lounge in a chair yesterday and read some in a book and do a little embroidery. Jenny at Elefantz is posting a series of Bible verse embroidery, which, like all of her creations, I love.  My intention is to put them all together in a throw for my big wicker rocker.

I observe the Bible Sabbath (Saturday), so I call that my Sabbath Embroidery.  I refrain, as much as possible, from doing ordinary work and celebrate my relationship with God.  Doing the embroidery helps me really stop and think about the verse and its meaning.

OK, I really do need to go get productive at something other than the computer!!

You all have an awesome day!

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