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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Wonderful time in Sacramento, CA

I just noticed this post was still sitting in my Drafts folder.  Sorry about that!  Graduation was June 6 so it's a LITTLE late LOL

I spent the past week in Sacramento, CA.  It's a beautiful city and the Municipal Auditorium (I think that's what it's called) is absolutely beautiful!  See the inside yourself!

I attended my granddaughter's high school graduation, which was the most fun graduation ceremony I have EVER attended. As their names were announced kids bowed, did the champ thing, a couple even slid in!  Does that mean they barely were able to march? It was a really good time.

Here's a couple photos of the capital.

 No, it really doesn't lean like the Tower of Pisa LOL But the photographer must have been holding the camera crooked!

This is a closer view of the artwork and statuary on the roof covering the portico.

I was standing by a circular rose garden that was all faded due to the lack of water.  There is a long street lined with palms leading straight to the capital building. I remember orange groves on either side next to the palm trees.  Sadly, buildings have replaced them.  Progress, I'm told.  Is it really?

We spent two days at various thrift stores where we bought way too much stuff we really don't NEED. But I got the cutest LITTLE red wagon. Not a radio flyer but it will look cute holding a potted plant.  A new tote that will NEVER be mistaken or lost!  It's from Hawaii and has VERY BRIGHT tropical fish.  For $1.39/lb I just couldn't let it go to the landfill!

And to make this post somewhat about quilting, I also found some red gingham fabric, and also a piece of green.  No, I don't know just what use I'll make of them at this point, but they should be good for SOMETHING.

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