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Friday, January 27, 2012

Isn't This Sooo Cute?  Check out this darling wall hanging!  I'm printing out the instructions as they are given.  The first part is up today and will be availiable until next Friday.  Anyway, that's how I understood it.  It's only three parts, so shouldn't take too long to finish.

The weather has warmed up, for a few days, and the other day the wind blew very hard. According to my max/min thermometer though, it was 16* F last night!  No eaves dripping !!

That's it for now. I have sewing that I really want to get accomplished today. That's my intention. And I might do a little hiding things straightening in between LOL Something to make it appear I'm NOT the slobby person I really am!!

Have an awesome day!!  And, if you're North of warm weather. . . .STAY WARM

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