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Saturday, January 14, 2012

What I'm Doing

I made the most delicious Chicken Rice Soup for lunch.  I like soup!  I can get my veggies without any stress and it warms me all the way through.

I also stitched a bit on the Elefantz BOM.  I'm doing the words now and it takes a great deal of time. I'm basically a cross stitch person so this is a REAL challenge!  But I'm enjoying it.

I'm working on making a little thread catcher that I saw on a blog.  It's really cute but a great deal of hand sewing involved.  NOT my best talent LOL  I'm learning!

I was given 15 of those little cardboards that bolts of fabric are wrapped on so yesterday I took some time and started rearranging things so I can wrap the larger pieces and put them where I know what I have.  That turned into one of those "bigger mess" situations! Now I'm trying to decide just HOW to arrange them, by color families, subjects or what. First I need to get it all on the card boards and settle on a place in this tiny room!  One thing I'm finding is that I have enough fabric to open my own shop LOL And SCRAPS!  Do we EVEN want to go there?  Is this even lawful? LOL  I need to make many many quilts for others.

Have an absolutely awesome day!

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