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Monday, January 30, 2012

A Question From a List Buddy Has Prompted This!

A list buddy thinks I'm very creative and asked me a few questions. It turned into a novella size reply so I thought I'd post my answers here!

NO, I don't think I'm creative at all but I DO like to take something and re-purpose it for another use, especially if it's old.My daughter mostly makes me that way! How did I ever raise a girl-child that doesn’t sew? My mother didn’t set me down and say, OK, here is today’s sewing lesson! I had a very big Bride Doll and decided she needed more than just a wedding dress to wear. I told my mother I wanted to make her some clothes so she gave me a pattern, some fabric and said be careful and don’t sew your fingers. That was it! And I didn’t sew my finger, until I was married and making a dress. I’ve only done THAT once!! (As I’ve aged I find that I’m a real woosie when it comes to pain, my threshold gets lower and lower. I’d no doubt pass out and die right on the spot!!) ANYWAY. I was probably 9-10 when I started sewing by making clothes for my doll. I’m not saying the craftsmanship was anything to brag about certainly. I’ve had to learn that as an adult. Mostly by watching a niece that is VERY accomplished. Just sitting and watching her sew as we visited, I learned so much about the proper way to do things. She’s so good she paid for the remodeling on their house with her sewing machine! Took the house from a very tiny little 2 bed, 1 bath to a 3 bed with an absolutely HUGE livingfamily room.
DD has me making a Nurse apron for my Princess, from a photo she saw on Pinterest! This has been an interesting journey. The child is in TX, I’m in WA. Her mother knows next to nothing about sewing! She doesn’t understand when I call/email saying I need another measurement, “Mom, I already told you how long it needs to be. Isn’t that enough?” I have things done and I’m ready to sew it together today. PTL!!!
Her other project for me is a crochet bag that she also saw on Pinterest. The directions are not in US English, so that’s a real challenge. I’ve discovered that we write crochet pattern instructions much differently! So, it’s a learning experience, to say the least! DD keeps my life interesting! Even from 1500 miles away LOL
I just HAVE to share my new purse with you.  I love it!  It's not leather and I only paid $15 for it.  If I can find cheap, I can have a new one now and then and not feel that I have to use it FOREVER!

I don't want to brag or anything but I just think this is so cute!  Wouldn't it be awesome in fabric?

That little "quilt" it's resting on is made from Dresden Plate blocks my Grandfather stitched before he passed away. I just put four of them together, added some ruffle and there it is!  (I do love Dresden Plates) I wanted a cover for my seldom used pellet stove that I would like to stay nice, and further more, dusting isn't something I really enjoy!

Have a great day! And do something 'quilty'!


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  1. lol had a good giggle at your reply..I found it strange when I discovered knitting/crochet patterns written differently...your new purse looks fab, I have given up on leather as the humidity here kills them very quickly,it would look lovely in fabric, aww you did well with the dresden plate blocks,cheers Vickie