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Saturday, December 17, 2011

It's Beginning To Seem Alot Like Christmas!

No. No snow yet, but an endless supply of frozen fog.  It does make everything white.

I finally framed a small stitchery that i did last winter. It was shown in multi colors but, loving redwork, I did it in bluework!

I've been doing other sewing lately but after the first of the year I plan to really attack all the quilt patterns in my "I Want To Do" file. We won't talk about how BIG it is LOL I think I'm addicted to downloading all the neat patterns I see online, plus buying every quilting magazine that catches my eye. If you think I can ever throw one out, WRONG. Sometimes I just grab a few, sit in my rocker, and feast on the eye candy! I also scatter a few in strategic places in the living room as seasonal decor. Nate Berkus likes stacks of books so why not magazines also? LOL

Today I'm thankful that moving the thermostat for the furnace has helped a great deal in warming the rest of the house. It is a programmable one so now I need to get it programmed for something warmer than 62*! That's not in my comfort zone, more like my "I'm frozen now" zone! Now, if I could just get rid of the nasties in my bedroom I'd have my entire tiny house back! OR, I could just move. I'd REALLY like that!

Have a totally awesome day!

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