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Thursday, December 1, 2011

PS to Apron Turtorial

I flipped through her catalog to find the size of the fabric used for the trim and ruffle. It's 18"x27", a little wider that a FQ (fat quarter). Stampin'Up sells a bundle of 3 for around $10. Time for Stash Shopping!

The day is going fine so far.  I just can't believe how intelligent our Border Collie is. We have fencing and a gate that prevents her from going up to our shop. Earlier, I took her out and opened the gate, told her to go up and eat her breakfast. Mind you, I've never done this before. She watched until I was safely back in the house then went up and ate. The next time I looked out she was sitting patiently by the gate, waiting for me to open it and let her back in the house. Are ALL BCs this smart? (not allowing Skidboot in to the competition LOL I'm not too sure but what she could have been a challenge to him when she was younger!) She will herd chickens on her own but I have better luck getting them out of my yard with my Mini Doxie!

Have a Great Day!

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