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Friday, December 2, 2011

Preview Is A Good Thing

Had I taken the time to preview the last post I would have noticed I was referring to a Turtorial LOL I seriously doubt I will post again without previewing it first!

My apron is almost done. I want to use some jumbo rick rack that is just the right color. It is about 6" too short. So I think what I'll do is decide just where I want some additional trim, cut the rick rack and put it on either side. If I do it right I don't think it will be too noticeable.  A friend suggested yo-yo flowers. That would be cute.

A family situation was resolved today favorably so I worried all day for nothing. Why, at my age, do I feel that my worrying will change the outcome?  I could have been much more relaxed all day and I'm sure my arteries would have appreciated it!  Somewhere, probably on a cassette, I have that old (now) song about "Don't Worry, Be Happy." Days like this I need to have it on a constant loop in the background LOL

So. My gratitude for today is that situations will work out the way they are supposed to and I need to just quit worrying about everything.

Have an awesome day! And. . . . don't worry, be happy!

Tomorrow is going to be a long day so I'm going to watch a little TV and turn in for the night. I am really tired, probably from all the worrying!

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