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Thursday, December 1, 2011

I just discovered a blog with the neatest little things you can make from all those scraps--pattern weights.  You can see them here . I've always thought of pattern weights as oversized washers, ugly but practical, these bring pretty into the picture also.  You could make them to coordinate with you sewing space, what fun! Why didn't I have thse years ago when I was sewing clothes with tissue patterns? Oh, well, I soon will have a few to add to the clutter collection in my tiny sewing room.

Here's another practical item, a tea towel apron video right here . I don't know about you but when I cook I always have a towel handy. . . . somewhere, in the way, on the counter, with one of these the towel will always be right where I need it. My only problem has been trying to find the width of towel she uses. I searched the internet, and found some really cute ones, in France! I just can't justify spending that kind of precious money on an apron LOL So my apron will have a seam in it, no big deal, this is a working apron, not one to wear when welcoming guests! And, since I don't have a die cutter I'm just going stash busting and finding something I have to make ruffles from. Just get resourceful and you can come up with something! I have a towel sitting near my sewing machine at this moment waiting for me to recreate it into something even more useful

Today I'm grateful that it is December 1, not very cold considering what it can be here, and there is NONE of that white stuff on the ground.  What are you grateful for today?

Oh, can I have two gratefuls today? I'm also grateful for my very best friend.  We've managed to weather everything life has thrown our ways and still be friends. We are miles apart right now but she still will change her plans when I need her. I just wanted to  tell the world you are the greatest!

Have an absolutely awesome day as you rush around getting ready for Christmas

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