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Monday, December 12, 2011

Today I'm Thankful For. . . .

A friend who had a business in heating & cooling, came over today to check out my cold, cold furnace. He brought his meter to find out just what the problem was.  Guess what!! Not a thing! It must have been a loose connection of some sort and when he jostled wires it reconnected. I don't know and I don't care.  I have heat again and the best part is it didn't cost a thing. I've been without a furnace for over a month. The high here today was 26*! Now, before you wonder just HOW I was able to survive I'll confess that I do have a pellet stove. I was living in a very small space and venturing to the back of the house (bathroom) only when it became desperate!

Praise the Lord for helpful friends!!  And, Thank You for heat!

This is what i saw when I peeked out Saturday morning, a real Winter Wonderland! It's frozen fog, not snow, but it's still beautiful.

And here is a little fabric Christmas card for my older granddaughter in TX

Nothing fancy yet, I'm still a novice at this but I think a five year old will like it.

I have her brother's and her two cousins in various stages. I'll post them when they are finished.  AND, I just need to put the ties and neck strap on my tea towel apron, then I can unveil it.  So I have been trying to keep busy while it wasn't too cold in here!

Have an awesome day!
And don't forget to be thankful for SOMETHING!

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  1. I think your little penguin rug/post card is adorable! Thank goodness you had the pellet stove for a little heat. We heat our home with a wood stove but have LP for really cold days. Thanks for stopping by my blog!