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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas !!

Merry Christmas to you in whatever language you say it!

We are STILL having a White Christmas. Something we haven't had in several years. I'm glad the kids enjoy it. Our family has decided Christmas is about children, so dedicate all our resources to the younger generation. Here's a photo of one of the youngest ones with her new sled.
Hubby just came in and asked when breakfast would be ready so today's post will be short I guess. (Trying to be nice to him since it's Christmas !!) Just kidding! I DIDN'T tell him I'm busy QUILTING!! (I was trying to get caught up with the mystery quilt over at A Pocketfull Of Mysteries. Ah, well, there's always tomorrow! Hehe!! I'm sure I'll be too tired after we get home tonight.
Love, Peace and Joy to each of you.
Christmas Thanks,
That Jesus came to offer salvation to each of us ( Not sorry if you don't like that, it's how I feel. You can believe in whatever you wish. Not trying to tell you what to believe.)
Beautiful Morning--the SUN is shining, however briefly
AND my new Janome MC6600P (my early Christmas from Hubby)


  1. I too, love Jesus, my husband, and my Janome 6600P ~ Seasons best, Sharyn

  2. Testing for Michelle to see if she has her comments set to moderate, or post immediately

  3. You don't need to apologize on your own blog for your Christian beliefs. If others find your beliefs offensive, there are other blogs for them to read.

  4. Hi Michelle,
    Our snow finally melted yesterday. We enjoyed it and had the luxery of staying home. My daughter used to live in Cougar WA.
    Betty C

  5. Hey Michelle thanks for stopping by my blog (from the quiltville chat group). Wish we could have some of that snow here in Tennessee. But all we've got is sunshine and upper 60's. It's cold today but clear so no snow for us.