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Friday, January 9, 2009

Sometimes we get TOO Busy

I've done two mystery quilts so far this year. Well, really only one and a half, the second one is not finished yet. I think I can sew little squares and triangles in my sleep! I've really gotten hooked on it. Am I too into sewing and quilting when I begrudge time spent away from the sewing machine? I'm learning so many tips and tricks doing these. Now when I go on to do something else it will be much easier.

These are some of the patches I'm making for the Double Delight mystery quilt. I've got to do 120 each of the green centers and purple centers. I'm still working on the purple centered patches.

I discovered a new magazine. Well, it's not new, but new to me. It's called, "Machine Quilting Unlimited." The most informative magazine I've seen. I highly reccommend it.

Our snow is all but gone. Hooray! Even the resulting flooding over on the west side of the state is subsiding. I hear the freeway from Portland to Seattle is open again. What a relief. My heart really goes out to those affected by the flood waters. All this really makes me thankful for where I live. It's about a mile to a creek, we're out in an open field so no close trees to fall on us. We might end up without power for awhile, but that's nothing new.

Keith said he saw some robins yesterday. Yahoo!! Spring can't be too very far away if the robins are coming back.

It is warming up a tad bit. The dogs don't have to be forced out the door in the mornings. That's a good way to tell the temperature! If the dogs don't want to go out, probably I don't either!!

Have a great day!

I'm thankful for:

Warmer weather
The lack of snowy roads
It can't be too many weeks until Spring

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  1. Oh, thanks for the tip, I'll have to check out that mag! I like the colors you've chosen for your mystery quilt. Quite lovely!