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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Remind Me Next Year

Next year I'm going grocery shopping BEFORE Thanksgiving and buy enough for the entire month of December. I couldn't believe it! The grocery store itself wasn't TOO crowded but people were practically fighting over the parking spaces. Oh, mercy! Wish I could just buy EVERYTHING on the internet and stay at home!

I got the fabric I needed to finish 2 sets of placemats/coasters. Then I just need to get this quilt done. Then it's on to second granddaughter's quilt. I was given the pattern for the cutest kitties that I'm going to use as the border around the center of the quilt. Think of a fan quilt with kitty heads and tails. She wants a black and white cat in the center (tuxedo type colors) so I was thinking of doing these 'fan' kitties in black/white/pink. She's also a VERY pink girl. She loves pink.

I've got the batting and backing for the quilt crying to be finished. There's really nothing stopping me, and all that. Granddaughter #2 is coming for the weekend so I really NEED to cook something and not let her think her Grandma is TOTALLY into her sewing machine.

Would you believe? I came up two inches short on one of the borders on that quilt. I just can't believe it. I measure and remeasure before I cut. Oh GRRRR!!! I'm really tempted to just cut that much off the width of the top and bottom borders. I don't want a TWO INCH piece at the end of one border. I'm So disgusted! I've got to make up my mind how I'm going to fix this problem and get on with it. It reminds me of the old game, "Heavy, Heavy, Hangs Over Thine Head."

Hubby thinks I'm nuts, but I took a picture of the head of his dog, Ringo. Then I printed it on some of that printable fabric that you can run through the printer. I adhered that with double sided stiff stabilizer to an old cordoroy Christmas stocking. Now she has a personalized stocking. Poor Daisy has to make do with one that once belonged to our beloved Lindy, the Cocker Spaniel. Maybe I could cover up the knit-in Cocker with a picture of her. Hmmm. Not sure how it would stick to sweater-knit fabric. I could always make her one of her own.

Three Things I'm Thankful for Today

I didn't get crushed in the shopping crowd

Our friend has made it through heart surgery she's in her 80s)

I have a warm home--it may not be what I would like but it's warm and dry)


  1. I love your idea for the personalized pet stocking! Too fun!

  2. Thumbs up! On that 2" short fall, if you measured correctly then the feed dogs and foot are pulling at different speeds. There is a special way to hold the fabric in your hand to avoid that. Send me all the raspberries on Washington and I'll tell you what the secret is.