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Monday, December 22, 2008

And Still More Snow

This is a photo of a set of placemats and coasters I made and quilted for a friend who loves cats in a big way!

I babysit for my daughter who lives about 40 miles away. Usually it's about a 45 minute drive. It took us 2 HOURS last Thursday, so hubby is taking me over there this evening as he has work tomorrow and I need to be there by 7 a.m. (YUK!!!) So I'm trying to get myself ready to go. I'd much rather lie down in front of the TV and take a nap! It seems that's where I do my best sleeping(laughing). Especially during my favorite TV show, Dr. House.

I think we have close to two feet of snow now. Sigh. Maybe more, it just keeps coming down. I hear Portland has relief in sight, but I hold out no hopes for our elevation. Hubby said MAYBE it would melt by March! If we're lucky! I think we've entered the next ice age!!! I saw a weather map yesterday and it appeared that you could go from Seattle, WA to New York State without ever getting out of the snow. Everything North of the Mason-Dixon Line! Ok. That's it, I'm moving from the Northwest to the Deep South, maybe Florida or Puerto Rico!!

I got a really bright idea while sorting through my quilting stash. I came across some Dale Ernhardt fabric. (Son-in-law is REALLY into him in a BIG way) It has 7" or so #3 race car on it and his signature etc. I cut out a car, the signature, and a large 3. I have some checkered flag fabric for the back. I'm going to machine embroider Owen's 1st Christmas on the back, and then fuse the back and front together, maybe add a decorative stitch around the edges. I thought it would make a cute ornament to commerate his first Christmas. We'll see how it turns out. And of course, I have to do a Tink for his big sister, Aspen.

I've been being pulled in so many other directions that I've given up on doing the quilt for my Mom for Christmas, maybe Mother's Day!! Doing that has really taken a huge load off me. It's like I can relax and actually ENJOY the holidays now.

Hubby just called from the shop and said he's about ready to take off. Oh what joy! And the heater is sadly unable to keep up with our near-zero weather. I'm NOT looking forward to this trip !! I've got 2 pair of tights, 3 pair of socks and a heavy pair of pants on. Also a heavy sweater and sweatshirt with a hoodie. I've got a VERY heavy coat that Hubby bought me many years ago, a stocking cap and the coat has a hood. I think I trew in 3 pair of gloves. Think I'll be able to keep warm? I will be SOOOO glad when Spring comes!

I'm going to be doing a mystery quilt called Moasic Tiles. I've never done a myserty quilt before so this sounds like fun.

Also I've seen a quilt called Storm at Sea that I want to do. I wish I could find the photo of it again. It was really unusual. It had been quilted from the back I think and really made the rolling of the sea stand out. I've seen other interpretations of this pattern, but this was the most striking. Also another one I'd like to do soon I don't remember the name of but the block is a star that is made with various strips on each 'arm' of the star. Looked like really an awesome way to get rid of those 'scraps' that we quilters just can't seem to part with. Recently I saw some fabric postcard that a friend had done with selvege edges. How's THAT for re-purposing? I've never even THOUGHT of saving them, but after seeing what she had done, I went digging through the trash!! Now to just have enough time!!

I need to find somewhere in here to put a TV. I've been watching all the storm coveraege lately instead of keeping my 'nose to the grindstone.' NOT GOOD. TV isn't THAT important. I usually keep the volume up so I can hear it in here. If there is anything that sounds interesting I can always go in there and see what's happening.

If I don't get back before Christmas,

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas


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  1. I have the Janome6600P. I sure love piecing with it. And I have the same muscle memory problems. You cannot sew well with the pressure foot raised with the knee lift. HA!
    I also have a Janome6500P on a B-Line quilting frame.
    We are getting more snow today. It is 16 degrees outside and it feels balmy!
    XOXOXXO Subeesews