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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Rainy Sunday... Good Quilting Day

With much trepidation I suqared up the corners of my first un-square quilt. I basically had to breathe in, breathe out as I CUT the crooked side of the quilt. So, for better or's trimmed.

Now to cut the borders, sew them on, and then the BIG deal of quilting it. The last quilt I did was tied with embroidery floss. Not hard to do but a real back-killer Not to mention trips to my sister-in-law who has quilt frams. Right then I decided I WAS going to learn machine quilting. Nothing fancy for this quilt. Just Sittch In The Ditch.

I've got this new Janome just itching to show me what it can do!! I got the MC6600P. It has the Accu-Feed System. I've played around on "sandwiched" scraps. For the non-quilters who may read this, that is top, batting, and backing.

I'm being a real coward about doing all this since the quilt is a Christmas gift. I want it to be perfect as it can be.

Hubby's chicken flock grew in size over the weekend. Friday morning his order of 25 chicks arrived safe and sound from Texas. I was really concerned that this time of year they would arrive as frozen chicken nuggets! The hatchery included 2 extra so they must have had the same thoughts. So his flock has grown from five hens and three roosters. We have a friendly neighborhood fox who just LOVES our chicken yard. Hopefully we have the fox-friendly places fixed os it can't get in again.

It isn't getting that cold here in our area but the Border Collie has decided that at her age she NEEDS to be a house dog. Hubby thinks she stay out alll day and only comes in after dark. She's so sneaky!! As soon as he's gone, she's ready to come back in the house.

Picture this in your mind's eye. The Mini Doxi has one of those cute little beds, even wth a cover over it so she can 'hide.' It sits under the table my computer monitor is on. The Border Collie goes over there and stands and looks and looks. You ca just imagine her thinking, Why does that little beast get such a nice, soft bed and I have to lie on the floor? So I took pity on her.

I love to re-purpose things. While searching around for something to make her a bed from I found a VERY old sleeping bag. I was at the local fabric store where there was a $3/yard sale on some "not very pretty" fabrics. One piece was like what was referred to as cotton duck years ago. I bought enough to make a pillowcase style cover for the sleeping bag.

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