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Friday, September 25, 2009


Another week is over.; The sun is still shining. Cooler mornings mean Autumn is creeping in. Indian Summer!

Daisy is moping around after her surgery yesterday. I hope she blames her misery on the vets office and not me!

Keith is out cutting wood for the stove in the shop. Another sign that Winter will soon be here. We have a pellet stove here in the house. We figured it out though and dollar-wise, it's no cheaper. But it does use less electricity, so...

I've been making "some" progress on my new table topper. I have the wedges sewn and the three circles sew together. Next is making the teapots and attaching them. Then I can sandwich it and quilt it. Here's a pic of what I have done.

I'm slowly getting the kitchen painted. I'm only buying paint by the quarts so I don't have so much left over to add to the collection. I want to finish the ceiling before doing the upper area. I tend to be a messy painter.

I have the coffee table cover done. Now I'm trying to decide just how to attach it in a way that little busy children won't undo it. Probably impossible with little man!

I'm working on getting my yard put to bed while the afternoons are still warm. We have such an overabundance of jellowjackets it's almost easier in the mornings while they are still snug in their nests.

Someone was asking what green chicken eggs look like So I took a pic while I was washing and weighing the eggs. So here it is.

In this photo they really don't look very green at all. Have to try again sometime.

Friday Appreciations

The week is over!
I feel as though I got a FEW things accomplished
We get to see good friends tomorrow
Daisy is doing fine
We're all healthy

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