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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Applique Projects

Do you like applique? i love it! If you do too, have you been to the Fat Cats website? Sindy is an absolutely amazing designer! I'm planning on doing the Frogies for my granddaughter and the Jungle Fever for her brother as part of their Christmas from Grammie. Aspen is even getting me hooked on frogs! When I get some blocks done I'll post some pictures.

It's a grey day here in my area. Typical for late September. Probably will not need the a/c today! It's supposed to get warmer the middle of next week. Summer's last hurrah as it gives way to Fall. Sigh. I need to go out tomorrow and empty the flower pots, trim/pull up things in my little garden area, put away the lawn furniture and generally get ready for winter. Is a six month vacation to somewhere way south of here on that list? Ha-ha!

The most exciting thing I've done this week? Yesterday was Daisy's 5th birthday so I bought a package of cookies with no chocolate and gave her one in lieu of a cake! Wow! Not very exciting around here is it? As a treat I let her ride to town with me. She loves riding in the car! The only thing I don't care for is she really likes perching (?) on the back of my neck so she can see out better. I really need to get her a doggy car seat. I'm sure she would like it.

Saturday Thoughts

If you don't serve the Lord then skip this part, it's not meant to try and proselytize anyone just express my thoughts.

Praise The Lord for one day a week I can rest!

Praise the Lord for pets that are so bonded to us

Praise the Lord for families

Praise the Lord for Seasons, even if I don't care for certain one's

Praise the Lord for beauty

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  1. Praise the Lord for quilters with loving and giving hearts.
    Faye Bushey
    Downeast Maine