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Monday, September 7, 2009

A Reason to Save Things

Not a very warm holiday here! The last time I checked it was 55* at 11 a.m. That's just plain old chilly. Plus we have a nice breeze close to 20 mph. The sun was shinning and i thought I'd go clean up the remnants of my little garden. Nope. Too breezy.

I'm stuffing a little pincushion and thought it would be nice to include a tiny bit of sand or silica in the center to sharpen pins and needles. All I need is something tiny to keep the sand in place. But since I don't save EVERYTHING I'm on a search. I know my children would dispute that last fact!! Something the size of a small medicine cup would work. Hmm...I wonder if I threw out all those little plastic cups that I used for lotion samples way back when? Hopefully I'll have a picture to share later.

Today I'm really trying to stick with the eating plan my doctor gave me. I'm starving and I've already gone over my carb allowance for the day. Sigh. Someday I'll find just the right combination of foods. I hope.

Have a GREAT day!

Monday Musings

I LIKE the peace and quiet of living in the country

I LIKE my wonderful sewing machine

I LIKE being healthy enough to do things on my own

I LIKE watching the cloud formations as they scurry by

I LIKE having a nice space between me and the neighbors. (or would that be the neighbors and myself?)

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