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Monday, August 2, 2010

Busy, Not Lazy, Days Are Here!

Yesterday the weather was perfect and I thought I'd just take a day off and enjoy my lawn swing. WRONG!! There was a mini reunion at my sister-in-law's. She will be 80 on Wednesday (Aug 4) and all of her children but one were there. I should mention that she has 10, yes 10, children. So children and spouses made quite a gathering! It was enjoyable to see the nieces and their families again, some had to come from OK and CO so we don't see them often.

Today I'm putting the final touches on a new kitchen curtain. After my machine decided to have a little hissy-fit. Tip:  If the bottom thread garbles (tech term), it's an issue with the top thread. After I totally unthread the top and rethreaded it's working fine. Whew!

As soon as I'm finished with the curtain I'll get a photo and post it. I saw a retro curtain on a website and this is my interpretation of that curtain.

I must be having low blood sugar! I had the next-to-last seam all pinned on and something just told me to check it.. It would have been upside down!  Much easier to unpin than frog a long seam!

The curtain is done, Done, DONE!! And hung. Love them!

Sunday Loves

The LONG days of Summer (sad the days are getting shorter)
Weed Eaters
Hot Summer days (85 is just right for me)
Instant coffee when I'm in a hurry
Warm oatmeal on a cool morning

Have an absolutely awesome week!

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