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Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Here are s couple photos of my new kitchen curtains. There is some of this fabric in my placemats and table topper also.  I keep coming back to this fabric. I think it cheers me!

There is also a white band at the bottom but my kitchen isn't large enough for me to get the entire curtain. Sorry.

I'm getting to be such an I-can-do-it Jane!  I managed to get my new weed eater put together all by myself! I tried ot out and didn't lose any body parts so I must have done it right! Bow I'm wishing I didn't need to babysit tomorrow so I could cut more grass. Oh, well. There's always more grass and another day.

Tuesday Thanks

For a day off.
Have I said for warm weather and long days LOL
That my oldest Granddaughter is coming for a visit.
For washing machines and dryers.
Electricity !!

Have a Great Day!

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