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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lost in Cyberspace !!

I was writing a post, wanted to add a photo, and my post disappeared.

This week I won a contest at ! Here's a pic of the goodies that were in today's mail.

Plus this little treasure

It's a vintage restaurant style salt shaker filled with little buttons, I just love it!

Sunday my Princess-in-Training turned four. She made quite a haul with nifty new things to play with but I think there's only one that will stick out in her mind... She got a Princess two-seated convertible! Now you need to understand that at her house there is only a narrow strip that is usable. But they certainly had a great time with it at the park.

I finally have my first Annie doll finished, along with a dolly-size tote bag.

Ok, so her mouth is a little crooked, she's having a bad day LOL I plan to stitch her hands together like she is praying.  She is from .  Her name is It's Me Again, Jesus, Terry Ann. She looks MUCH better than the Cabbage Patch style doll I tried to make my younger daughter. Just ask her if you don't believe me!!  I used some of the decorative stitches on my Janome 6600 to pretty up her dress.

Oh, I also wanted to share that the florescent lights you see in the background were put up this morning by yours truly. I'm not Handywoman Jane, but I'm learning! They certainly give me more light for my cutting table.

To quote Daffy Duck, "That's All, Folks!"

Thursday Thoughts

Why is summer so short?

If wind makes the air fresh, we should have the freshest air around.

So far my "garden" has yielded 2 pear tomatoes and 6 zucchini. Oh, and I only picked rhubarb one time and got around 40 cups, chopped. We'll be eating LOTS of rhubarb pie this winter!

Monday morning there was SOLID dew on my windshield! It was beyond frost! I protest !!!

Even if people don't like each other, can't they just get along? Must they make it their life's purpose to make the other person miserable?

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