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Friday, September 25, 2009


Another week is over.; The sun is still shining. Cooler mornings mean Autumn is creeping in. Indian Summer!

Daisy is moping around after her surgery yesterday. I hope she blames her misery on the vets office and not me!

Keith is out cutting wood for the stove in the shop. Another sign that Winter will soon be here. We have a pellet stove here in the house. We figured it out though and dollar-wise, it's no cheaper. But it does use less electricity, so...

I've been making "some" progress on my new table topper. I have the wedges sewn and the three circles sew together. Next is making the teapots and attaching them. Then I can sandwich it and quilt it. Here's a pic of what I have done.

I'm slowly getting the kitchen painted. I'm only buying paint by the quarts so I don't have so much left over to add to the collection. I want to finish the ceiling before doing the upper area. I tend to be a messy painter.

I have the coffee table cover done. Now I'm trying to decide just how to attach it in a way that little busy children won't undo it. Probably impossible with little man!

I'm working on getting my yard put to bed while the afternoons are still warm. We have such an overabundance of jellowjackets it's almost easier in the mornings while they are still snug in their nests.

Someone was asking what green chicken eggs look like So I took a pic while I was washing and weighing the eggs. So here it is.

In this photo they really don't look very green at all. Have to try again sometime.

Friday Appreciations

The week is over!
I feel as though I got a FEW things accomplished
We get to see good friends tomorrow
Daisy is doing fine
We're all healthy

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Applique Projects

Do you like applique? i love it! If you do too, have you been to the Fat Cats website? Sindy is an absolutely amazing designer! I'm planning on doing the Frogies for my granddaughter and the Jungle Fever for her brother as part of their Christmas from Grammie. Aspen is even getting me hooked on frogs! When I get some blocks done I'll post some pictures.

It's a grey day here in my area. Typical for late September. Probably will not need the a/c today! It's supposed to get warmer the middle of next week. Summer's last hurrah as it gives way to Fall. Sigh. I need to go out tomorrow and empty the flower pots, trim/pull up things in my little garden area, put away the lawn furniture and generally get ready for winter. Is a six month vacation to somewhere way south of here on that list? Ha-ha!

The most exciting thing I've done this week? Yesterday was Daisy's 5th birthday so I bought a package of cookies with no chocolate and gave her one in lieu of a cake! Wow! Not very exciting around here is it? As a treat I let her ride to town with me. She loves riding in the car! The only thing I don't care for is she really likes perching (?) on the back of my neck so she can see out better. I really need to get her a doggy car seat. I'm sure she would like it.

Saturday Thoughts

If you don't serve the Lord then skip this part, it's not meant to try and proselytize anyone just express my thoughts.

Praise The Lord for one day a week I can rest!

Praise the Lord for pets that are so bonded to us

Praise the Lord for families

Praise the Lord for Seasons, even if I don't care for certain one's

Praise the Lord for beauty

Friday, September 11, 2009

Sunny Day and Cool Tip

It's promising to be a sunny day...and warmer also! (I really need to live in the South Seas somewhere!)

I just read an email with the neatest trick, not quilt related but still awesome if it really works. It said to fill a sandwich baggie half full of water, add four pennies, and hang it up where flies are a problem. They won't hang around. If it works that's a pretty cheap fix, and no toxic things messing with the environment.

I'm making a quilt block for a list buddy that's been ill. At this point I don't want to say anything more publicly but the name of the block is Contrary Wife. Hubby probably would say I should have an entire quilt of THAT block!!

Oh, here's a pic of the little pincushion I made. I had some issues with the pattern pieces not being quite right but did the necessary adjustments.

My sister-in-law that owns a quilt shop was telling me how the fabric companies are going back to the 70s prints and colors. After looking at the fabrics I chose for the pincushion I would have to agree.

Just WHY isn't sewing taught in high school any longer? Now dear daughter has me making a cover for her coffee table to protect it from her two young children. I tried to tell her that when you have kids, that's ALL you have. You can have nicer furniture after they leave home.

We had another bad experience at the local big-chain fabric store. We needed 1.5 yards of fabric and it was supposed to be 30% off. I even asked at the cutting table to make certain that particular fabric was included. Yes, it was. We get to the register and were charged regular price. I complained so the lady checked and made the adjustment for us. Fine. I bring the fabric home, and when I'm ready to sew it up, oops, there's only 48" not 54". So I have to wait until my next trip to that town, take it back, ask them to remeasure it, sure enough, even their yardstick said 48". So they cut me another piece. Don't they realize that in the long run they are only hurting themselves? They have always made things right but it's the aggravation factor for me and the fact it means ANOTHER trip to the fabric store. I don't life close enough that I can just jump in the car and buzz down there. I plan my trips to coincide with the days I work.

That Contrary Wife is being just that! I re-did two of the half square triangles because they were crooked. Second time around? They are supposed to be 4 1/2". One was only 4". So I've given up for today. She wants to be that way, she can just sit in the corner for a day or two. You know, time out!

I did this silly thing on Facebook this morning. I'm not going to die until I'm 87, and that will be by mauling from a cougar. There are cougars around here so that could be a possibility! Can't you just see me tottering down the road for my morning walk and get ambushed by a cougar!

I got a little sample can of Beher's new Primer Plus Paint. Wow, that goes a long way. And it does a really nice cover also. I'm painting light blue over lavender. That little 1 cup sample can probably has done a fourth of the kitchen. The easy places where I don't have to remove very much stuff !!


It's FRIDAY !!!

It's warmer today than yesterday

No cougars out today LOL

Ya'll have a great weekend! Enjoy the last days of summer weather!

Monday, September 7, 2009

A Reason to Save Things

Not a very warm holiday here! The last time I checked it was 55* at 11 a.m. That's just plain old chilly. Plus we have a nice breeze close to 20 mph. The sun was shinning and i thought I'd go clean up the remnants of my little garden. Nope. Too breezy.

I'm stuffing a little pincushion and thought it would be nice to include a tiny bit of sand or silica in the center to sharpen pins and needles. All I need is something tiny to keep the sand in place. But since I don't save EVERYTHING I'm on a search. I know my children would dispute that last fact!! Something the size of a small medicine cup would work. Hmm...I wonder if I threw out all those little plastic cups that I used for lotion samples way back when? Hopefully I'll have a picture to share later.

Today I'm really trying to stick with the eating plan my doctor gave me. I'm starving and I've already gone over my carb allowance for the day. Sigh. Someday I'll find just the right combination of foods. I hope.

Have a GREAT day!

Monday Musings

I LIKE the peace and quiet of living in the country

I LIKE my wonderful sewing machine

I LIKE being healthy enough to do things on my own

I LIKE watching the cloud formations as they scurry by

I LIKE having a nice space between me and the neighbors. (or would that be the neighbors and myself?)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Summer Is Over

Can we paraphrase that oldie, "Where Have All The Flowers Gone?" to Where Has All My Summer Gone? It is extremely chilly here tonight. OK, so extremely is a tad of an exaggeration, but you get the idea. Even my little Daisy is complaining of it being too cold.

I took this picture late this afternoon just up the road from our place. It doesn't really do justice to the contrast of the stormy clouds and the stark white of the wind turbines. Maybe someday I'll make a wallhanging of the way it REALLY appeared. If you look REALLY hard you can see the little town we live near. The light spot in the midst of the further trees is the grain elevator about 8 miles away.

I'm in the process of making a little Dresden Plate pincushion. I'm using mainly chocolate and blue. I really like that color combination. i should have it done in the morning. I'll post a pic when it's ready.

Daisy is insistently telling me SHE thinks we should go to bed. Silly dog! So in order to quite her down I will do her bidding! Now the young cyotes are out learning to howl at the full moon. Wish they'd go somewhere else! Maybe they like listening to Daisy bark at them!

Saturday Somethings

Why must summer end with such a vengance?

I'm thankful for good friends.
I'm thankful for warm weather, while it lasts.
I'm thankful for family.
I'm thankful for my computer and the internet.
I'm thankful for a furnace!

Have a great weekend!!