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Monday, November 9, 2009


I tried to put a title up there but everything turned to Chinese looking characters when I hit enter. When,if, I ever get time I'll have to see if I can figure out what's going on.

I'm 'On Call' today. Which means if son-in-law gets called to work I need to be ready to go over there. Dear daughter calls it a Slave's Day Off, I prefer, Grammie's Day Off!

I'm finally on my way doing the 36 nine-patch blocks for the Cats Stairway to Heaven wall hanging. I did about 12 in an hour last night. I've only had one or two blocks that are a little off, and that's not enough to really notice. Here are some photos of my progress.

This is the fabric for the other sets of blocks. The lavender has glitter in it!

This is the moon and the night sky. They both are glittery also. i discovered that it's difficult to find just the right dark shades of blue. So i gave up and other than the lavender, the recipient's favorite color, I tried to get as dark as possible.

I'm going to make today productive and not just sit and hibernate in front of the computer. (but..but...but, it's SO much fun!)

Have you heard about the Cross Country Christmas blog hop? There are twelve designers. Each one will post a Christmas project for the next 12 days, beginning today. There will be prizes also! So hop on over to Gundrun's World, If I knew how to make it a link I would, but I don't. I tried clicking on the icon for 'link' but nothing happened.

Have an absolutely awesome day!

Monday Greatfuls

For hot coffee to warm me on these cold, cold days.

For my children and grandchildren

For the knowledge that we really AREN'T entering the next iceage

For warm clothes

For the fact I will get MY car back this week, hopefully! I'm grateful for the loaner from Mom but it's just not the same.

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