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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

This is an untitled post. For some reason whatever I try to enter in the title bar turn to gibberish. I don't know what's happened.

I got news today that I have won two different contests. Now if I could just remember what they were!! I know the one had to do with breast cancer awareness. I've been searching through my blog list trying to find it again. So far, no luck.
Getting older and having those 'Senior Moments' is so much fun. NOT.

So what have I been doing lately? I've started the cutest little oven mitts. They are little hens. I only have the wings done so far or I'd show you.

I got my new issue of 'Quick Quilts' and want to make part of a winter wall hanging. It has a polar bear family next to a sing that says Welcome to the North Pole. Since I'm always cold I thought that would be very fitting to have on the front door!

I re-arranged the living room and now have an extra piece of the sectional I'm not sure what to do with. It's not very attractive as the center piece in the middle of the floor. Keith said it would be very difficult to put it in one of the other rooms. (like there is space anyway!) I hate being the teeny tiny woman in the teeny tiny house!

I intended to paint on the kitchen ceiling for an hour today but my arms had a different idea. But I did get about halfway across the room, so I don't feel bad. If you count the set up and clean up time it was probably close to an hour. I hadn't noticed how dingy it was until I started with the fresh paint. What a difference!

While I was browsing through my list of saved blogs I came across the perfect purse. But the pattern comes from Australia. It just looks like an ordinary bag but opens WIDE. It's called a Stable Bag. I don't know why it's called that, but it's just what I need. Whatever I want is always in the very bottom of my purse.

Tuesday Thanks

That it's almost November already

That Winter won't last forever

That it's almost bedtime

That sometimes you don't really know who your real friends are, until they're needed

That Fall colors are so beautiful

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  1. Hi Michelle, I found you through your siggie line on quiltville chat group. I see you are in Goldendale, I'm over by Vancouver WA. I love the colors on that tree and wish I has some in my stash for a table runner I want to make. ;-)
    I just did a search for the Stable bag, no wonder you want one. it's pretty cool. If you ever get out to the quilt shop past the state shop, tell my friend Netty I said Hi!!! I want to get over there again someday soon!