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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Been Wroking Hard

AHA !! I found the culprit as to why my titles were appearing in some STRANGE test! Somehow the enable translation was set to Hindi. After fixing that, Wa-lah!, I'm in English again! If only all problems were that easily fixed.

Any of you that like mystery quilts head on over to Quiltvillechat at Yahoo Groups. Bonnie is starting a new mystery on Black Friday. She's not adding it to her website as it will appear in a future book. This will be the only chance to get it free. They are always a lot of fun, although my first one is still unfinished!

My car is ready to be brought home. YAY! Now for a garage to park its nice shiny feathers in! The kids all call it my little yellow canary!

A word of advice: If you're not diabetic, check your blood sugar once in awhile anyway. I'm so SICK of sticking my fingers, taking injections, not being able to eat what everyone else does. NOT FUN.

Computer time is up, sewing machine is calling me.

Have a fantastic day!

Thursday Thanks

Warm clothes and a warm house. It got downright cold last night!

My beautiful Janome sewing machine

Paint to cover up these UGLY walls.

That I live in the country


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