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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving and back to SEWING

Thanksgiving is over for another year, families have all returned to their homes,
now I can get serious about finishing some works in progress. Such as this cute snowman card holder.

I'm not sure what I did but blogger and I are having issues about whether to left align or  NOT!

This gets a border with zig-zaged ribbon to slide the cards behind.
Grandson will get some pillowcases for his big-boy bed. Dad is a real Dale E, Sr. fan and I happened across this fabric one day. I didn't have any plans for it at the time but I think I can make T-Bone a cute pillowcase with it.

Dear daughter #2 has informed me that I will only be needed one day a week through the winter. Oh how sweet! More time for quilting!
There was a new JC Penny sale catalog in yesterday's mail.  I haven't looked at it yet but did notice a simple scrappy-looking quilt on the cover. One of my 'want-to-do' projects for this winter is to organize my quilt patterns. They are here-and-there in no particular order.  I do have the applique patterns in two binders but I know there are more to be added.
I need to get over to the sewing machine for the day.
 Each of you have a great day! 
Happy quilting!
Thanksgiving Thanks
That it hasn't snowed yet (to stick for the season) and isn't even that cold!
Night driving glasses
The internet
Digital Cameras (adding a sixth one today!)

Thanks for stopping by! Come by anytime, the tea kettle is always at the ready!

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  1. Now that my life has slowed down, I am able to really enjoy the finer things in life (like finishing my PIF gifts) :0)
    If you could send me your address, I can see about getting it out to you :0)