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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Rainy Days and Sundays

I only have two days left to finish painting the kitchen. You can guess what I'll be doing today! Somehow, I don't think the cabinets are going to change color. I'll be glad to get the walls done.

Meanwhile back in the quilting room, I have the wallhanging top done, ready to stitch around the appliques. It's much larger than I realized, nearly lap quilt size. If someone really wants a wallhanging size I'd reccommend reducing it by one-half. Or, plan on a large wall!

And all the little pieces on Special Delivery (Nov/Dec Quiltmaker) are fused, ready to be appliqued also. So, if I get the walls done I have things to sew. No, not if, when the walls are done.

Do any of you remember Bonanza the first time around? Chevrolet was a sponsor. For some reason that how-many-year-old commercial keeps going through my head. Didn't Dinah Shore sing the jingle? There was a Chevy driving along a straight streth of road somewhere in the Southwest, and the singing, "See the U S A in your Chevrolet." I was just a little kid, why in the world would I remember a Chevrolet commercial? And how many years' later?

We've had quite a discussion over on the Janome list as to whether there is anything we DON'T like about our machines. It evolved into a what-we'd- like-to-improve about our machines, as we don't have any major complaints. We all agreed on a low bobbin warning, a flashing light, not a beep system.If they can do it on cars, why not on sewing machines? No, not a low bobbin warning on the car, a low fuel warning! Silly!!

Why do I keep getting quilting magazines? With all the magazines I have marked with things I want to make, I certainly don't need anything else to tempt me! And an acquaintance is moving and sharing some of her old magazines with me.

Now if I could just get that sewing desk I've been wanting!

Sunday Simmers

Today I'm thankful that:

I don't live near a stream or river,

I can make it 30 more days and the days will be getting longer again,
Most of our family will be here for Thanksgiving.

My house may get cold at times, but at least it's dry,

AND most of all that God watches over us and keeps us from harm.


Well, I wanated to add a photo but the little icon seems to be missing. So,you will see what I'm currently working on next time.

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