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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Got It Fixed

Thanks to Tracy for alerting me to where the problem was. Looks much better now.

Very rainy day today just right for staying in and sewing. I now have 12 blocks all done, ready to send to The Land Down Under. (Hmm. Seems like when my kids were teenagers that was a song on the radio. By Men At Work, if I'm not mistaken. Strange the odd things your mind can remember !! Now if I could just remember the things I NEED to LOL) Making these quilt blocks is really doing some serious stashbusting. I love it. Then I'll have to shop to replenish it, right?

My cousin that I haven't seen very often since we've all grown up and gone our seperate ways is going to be over here to visit tomorrow. Her husband is actually applying for a job in our town. That would be fun if they actually got to move here. My really, really, close friend has moved away so it would be nice to have someone to do things with again. I wonder if I could get her interested in quilting?!!

I put a shelf up in my quilting area this afternoon. And already have it full of things that were on my work tables in the way. How nice. Are those little jar toppers still in style or not? I've used various old canning jars to store things in. Easy to see what's where and gives a nice ambiance to the room. Anyway it does in my mind. And that's the one that counts LOL.

Wednesday Thanks

My family is all alive and well

That I actually got the shelf up --by myself

The much needed rain

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  1. March is a busy month for my family. I have two brothers (15 yrs apart) born on the 7th. A grandaughter on the 7th. My BD is the 10th. I have another grand daughter born on the 10th. My stepfather is on the 8th. Another grandaughter on the 28th. Another brother on the 29th.
    Mom had three children each a year apart born in March. She ended up having 8 children. I am the only girl. But I was firstborn so I have senority.