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Saturday, January 30, 2010

This Will Make You Think

I visited a fellow blogger's website and she had this list of things to journal about.  I'm trying to do better at journaling this year so here are the questions. I thought perhaps you'd like them also.

Outside my window -- I see gray skies, but NO wind. That in itself is noteworthy around here!
I am thinking -- What a peaceful Saturday afternoon
I am thankful for -- a cozy spot to sit and journal
From the kitchen -- silence. No sound of mice!!
I am wearing -- A white longsleeved T and fleece pants
I am creating -- A chicken self-portrait, that's hilairious!
I am going -- no where this afternoon
I am reading -- My Bible every morning
I am hoping -- That life will get better and better
I am hearing -- The quiet hum of my computer
Around the house -- blessed silence
One of my favorite things -- Something HOT in the mornings to warm my insides (not plain water, please)

I think it will be interesting to try and come up with something different each day.  I'm going to give it a try anyway.

On the quilty side of life. Here's what I've been doing. The first one is Lonely Heart and was done as a challenge on one of my sewing groups.

I'm not really sure just why this chicken insists on being sideways.  Maybe that's to signify I'm climmbing the walls !! Every piece has signifince as to who I am or what I like. The background is calico because I'm a country chick. Her body is blue check and her wing is eyelet because I love that combination. Again, a country thing. The red eye and green wattle are because I love little red-eyed tree frogs. The tail is patriotic because I am and also because I am a loyal friend.  You have to be real blunt and say "Go Away!". Her feet are 1930s print because I love those prints and of course she wouldn't be caught dead with naked toenails! The beak is just a beak. And lastely her hair is various shades, just like mine. Oh, and she's chubby with short legs. (So am I).
Oh grrr! This seems to be stuck on Align Center. I can not get it to change to Align Left. So bear with me, please.
That's the little bits of nonsense I've been up to lately. Under the needle is a Christmas Card Holder that didn't get finished on time.

Saturday Simmerings

Why are there mean spirited people?

What is there to gain by lying about someone?

Why do grown people whine?

Why are some people so interferring?

And no, I'm not talking about any situation in my own life, just wondering.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Grey Day, Good Day for Sewing Projects

Friday night I joined in my first ever quilt-in.  It was a blast!  We tried to stay up all night but I faded about 11:30 so I'm not sure how long others were up. We could quilt, sew, crochet, embroider or knit. And talk about anything as long as we were nice! Think of a bunch of teenage girls having a slumber party only I think most of us were grandmas, and it was on the internet.

It was nice and sunny the other day, wanting to get some fresh air I went exploring in my stuff in the old house.  Here are some of the treasures I found.

This is part of a set of corning Petite Pans I received as a graduation present in (shall I admit?) 1965!

These were my mother-in-law's. They are a little rusty in places. I wouldn't put food in them but for other storage they are fine, and give a retro-country look to my kitchen.

Little saucers I've collected over the years.

One of my sister-in-laws gave me a set of these bowls in the late 1960s. This is the only one left of a set of three.

Can any of you remember S&H Green Stamps? I saved my stamps and bought this set of mixing bowls in the late 1960s.  Again, the only one left.

And how about these treasures?

This was my mother-in-law's also.  None of her nine kids wanted it, so I got it.And
And three worse for the wear sad irons, and NO I did not use these! They are in serious need of a good cleaning.

To make this at least a little quilting related, this is what I did for the sew-in. It just needs some quilting and the binding put on.  It's a lonely little ladybug looking for love.
When I was over on the treasure hunt I came across that ladybug applique that I had made and never used. I thought she'd look great posing as a flower bud.

So that's the short version of what I've been up to lately. Well, that and my war on THE MOUSE.

I've had a continual war with this mouse all winter.  It happens when you live in the country.  They want to share the warmth.

I dislike finding mouse track all over in the kitchen cupboards, drawers, and even on the counters, so I decided to catch that nasty little creature.So I put out these new improved whilte mouse traps. No mouse. Someone suggested glue traps. I caught the ones stealing dog food but not THE MOUSE. In looking for something on the shelf above my computer I saw where an old cassette tape had been pulled out and even chewed into short pieces. I cleaned up that mess and decided things needed to be in plastic storage containers.  In the process of doing that I moved the basket of my stuffed Easter bunnies and something fell out. THE MOUSE. The basket liner had been peed on so the bunnies smelled. (I hung them out on the clothesline for several days and got the smell out.) I even considered a mouse sized live trap but couldn't locate one close by. I won't use De-Con type products because of my bitty dog. Also I lost a very smart puppy due to her eating rat poison. It was a terrible way to die.  One I don't even wish on a rodent.

I think I caught THE MOUSE Friday. Take some deep breaths so you don't hyperventilate when I tell you just how!  In the washing machine!!  It must have been hiding in the dirty clothes and trapped in something.  I'm so glad I didn't touch it! I got a wad of paper towels and got it out of the washer and rewashed that batch of clothes. YUK!!  So, if all else fails, try washing your mouse !!!

PS to that story?  I'm getting a cat this summer.


Today I'm Thankful That

There's no flooding here, or earthquakes, or tornados.  It would be nice to get more rain however.

Friends care

To whoever it was that invented the Internet

We can have a "laxy" day once in awhile

My house didn't catch on fire the other night

Saturday, January 16, 2010

SHHH! Don't Tell

but I see blue sky!

I think it's one of those days that make you think Spring is really coming, but hold on!  Winter WILL return!

I've been having issues with a too cozy little mouse.  Very smart mouse also.  I have those electronic things in both ends of the house, glue traps (hey, I'm desperate), even a new old-fashioned spring trap.  I bait the glue trap with kibble.  She can get the kibble without getting stuck.  I've spent the past few days putting just about everything in totes. You would think I was getting ready to move.  I found where she was starting a nest in the basket with my Easter bunnies. She ran out of there, I moved and disinfected the bunnies.  I haven't seen her since but I'm sure she's in here somewhere.

Needless to say, I haven't done much sewing this week.  I do have a couple of mending things for DD#2 and a pair of pillowcases that need to be done this weekend. My swap partner let me know her's to me are in the mail. I did get a practice case done.  I think I'll make another one and send them to the Million Cases Project.

I know I've complained a great deal about my tiny, tiny house, etc.  It's either too cold, too hot, too corwded, or whatever. I am changing my way of thinking.  I am very grateful for what I have.  Seeing the plight of those people in Hati has made me realize just how blest we are.  No wonder some of those countries view us Americans as rich and increased with goods. My heart goes out to them.  I wish there was more I could do than just send dollars to them.

I'm off to take a walk before the weather changes.

Today I'm Most Thankful For:

All the water I want to use

More than enough food



A roof over my head to keep the rain off

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Since January is traditionally the month for getting everything organized I thought I'd share the method I use for storing my fabric stash.

First, start by folding your fabric in half, lengthwise with the folded edge to your right, as below.

After that is done I use my 6x24" ruler as a guide for folding purposes.

Then I just start folding, with the ruler in the center.

This picture shows the fabric all folded in 6" widths.  If there is a little extra, I just fold it in.

Then, I place the ruler vertically and fold in 6" widths again. Again, if there's a little extra, just fold it in.

This photo shows a nice, neat stack of fabric on the lower shelf. Above you can see some fabrics that haven't been folded this way yet. Messy, aren't they!

As you can see I also use plastic shoeboxes. I store fat quarters, small scraps for applique, strips, you name it.  If it isn't large enough to be folded in a large square it goes in a box. After years of searching through the boxes to find what I want, I've put labels on them. You can also use a 3" ruler to fold smaller pieces so they look neat in the boxes. I have the FQ sized pieces sorted mostly by color family  It's a work in progress, but I'm getting there, slowly it seems some days.

I don't bother folding the applique size pieces.  They usually are odd shapes anyway, but it's fun digging through them to find just the right little piece. Reminds me of sorting through my Grandma's button box.

I must confess I did not invent this method of fabric folding.  I saw it on a blog, but unfortunately, I don't remember the blog name so I can't give that person the credit. Sorry. Really, I'm not trying to take credit for somonelse's brain child.

Have a Great Day!!

Grandma Shell