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Saturday, January 30, 2010

This Will Make You Think

I visited a fellow blogger's website and she had this list of things to journal about.  I'm trying to do better at journaling this year so here are the questions. I thought perhaps you'd like them also.

Outside my window -- I see gray skies, but NO wind. That in itself is noteworthy around here!
I am thinking -- What a peaceful Saturday afternoon
I am thankful for -- a cozy spot to sit and journal
From the kitchen -- silence. No sound of mice!!
I am wearing -- A white longsleeved T and fleece pants
I am creating -- A chicken self-portrait, that's hilairious!
I am going -- no where this afternoon
I am reading -- My Bible every morning
I am hoping -- That life will get better and better
I am hearing -- The quiet hum of my computer
Around the house -- blessed silence
One of my favorite things -- Something HOT in the mornings to warm my insides (not plain water, please)

I think it will be interesting to try and come up with something different each day.  I'm going to give it a try anyway.

On the quilty side of life. Here's what I've been doing. The first one is Lonely Heart and was done as a challenge on one of my sewing groups.

I'm not really sure just why this chicken insists on being sideways.  Maybe that's to signify I'm climmbing the walls !! Every piece has signifince as to who I am or what I like. The background is calico because I'm a country chick. Her body is blue check and her wing is eyelet because I love that combination. Again, a country thing. The red eye and green wattle are because I love little red-eyed tree frogs. The tail is patriotic because I am and also because I am a loyal friend.  You have to be real blunt and say "Go Away!". Her feet are 1930s print because I love those prints and of course she wouldn't be caught dead with naked toenails! The beak is just a beak. And lastely her hair is various shades, just like mine. Oh, and she's chubby with short legs. (So am I).
Oh grrr! This seems to be stuck on Align Center. I can not get it to change to Align Left. So bear with me, please.
That's the little bits of nonsense I've been up to lately. Under the needle is a Christmas Card Holder that didn't get finished on time.

Saturday Simmerings

Why are there mean spirited people?

What is there to gain by lying about someone?

Why do grown people whine?

Why are some people so interferring?

And no, I'm not talking about any situation in my own life, just wondering.


  1. Thanks for sharing your journaling prompts find. Isn't it amazing how sonetimes our minds just go and go and go but when you sit down to write, all you hear is the sound of crickets in the woods?

    And yes, I wonder Every. Single. Day. why grown people whine. Maybe it's the company I keep, but sometimes I just want to blurt out, "Did someone tell that it was productive or attractive to whine?" We don't encourage (or usually even tolerate) it in children, why do we let adults do it?

    Oops. I seem to have a big ol' button there that got accidentally pushed!!!

  2. It's the mean spirited people that get me, but the whiners are a close, very close second. Liked the journal prompts too.