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Sunday, January 3, 2010


Since January is traditionally the month for getting everything organized I thought I'd share the method I use for storing my fabric stash.

First, start by folding your fabric in half, lengthwise with the folded edge to your right, as below.

After that is done I use my 6x24" ruler as a guide for folding purposes.

Then I just start folding, with the ruler in the center.

This picture shows the fabric all folded in 6" widths.  If there is a little extra, I just fold it in.

Then, I place the ruler vertically and fold in 6" widths again. Again, if there's a little extra, just fold it in.

This photo shows a nice, neat stack of fabric on the lower shelf. Above you can see some fabrics that haven't been folded this way yet. Messy, aren't they!

As you can see I also use plastic shoeboxes. I store fat quarters, small scraps for applique, strips, you name it.  If it isn't large enough to be folded in a large square it goes in a box. After years of searching through the boxes to find what I want, I've put labels on them. You can also use a 3" ruler to fold smaller pieces so they look neat in the boxes. I have the FQ sized pieces sorted mostly by color family  It's a work in progress, but I'm getting there, slowly it seems some days.

I don't bother folding the applique size pieces.  They usually are odd shapes anyway, but it's fun digging through them to find just the right little piece. Reminds me of sorting through my Grandma's button box.

I must confess I did not invent this method of fabric folding.  I saw it on a blog, but unfortunately, I don't remember the blog name so I can't give that person the credit. Sorry. Really, I'm not trying to take credit for somonelse's brain child.

Have a Great Day!!

Grandma Shell

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