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Monday, February 25, 2013

Happy Homemaker Monday

THE WEATHER: Well...this morning we had high winds and heavy snow, school was cancelled because of the blizzard conditions and most businesses were closed.  This afternoon the sun came out! And everything started melting. Yay! BUT tonight the low is forecasted to be 10*.  Oh brrr!
Here's what it looked like after the storm.

(have you seen snow before? LOL)
RIGHT NOW I AM:  Sitting in my recliner as I write this post and watching the last little bits of the sunset. I love sunrises and sunsets.
THINKING: That it would be VERY nice if it didn't get as cold as the forecast says it will. The weatherman is wrong about other things, why not the cold temperature?
ON MY READING PILE: A book entitled, "There is a Cure For Diabetes."  So far it's very interesting reading, definitely a much healthier lifestyle. I absolutely hate feeling guilty if I eat a piece of bread or have a bite of a Peppermint Patty.
ON MY TV: A large black screen, still no Dish receiver but it should be here Wednesday or Thursday.
FAVORITE BLOG POST THIS WEEK: Everyday Cheapskate Mary Hunt has the greatest advice
SOMETHING FUN TO SHARE:  My little dog needed to go out so I opened the door for her. She took one look at the snow and said, "I'll wait awhile, thank you." Finally she was very desperate and went out...but only about six inches from the steps!
ON THE MENU FOR THIS WEEK:  Monday: Chicken Noodle Soup (it just seemed like a soup kind of day)
                                                                      Tuesday: Lentil Porridge that my daughter shared
                                                                      Wednesday: Probably more soup!
                                                                      Thursday: Remains to be decided
                                                                       Friday: Cook's choice
ON MY TO-DO LIST:  Water the plants before I go to bed. I know the water will be frozen for a day or two, so this is a MUST.
WHAT I AM SEWING,CROCHETING, CRAFTING: I finished a UFO yesterday and am feeling good about that! It's a pad for a dog kennel from a long ago quilting challenge that I obviously never finished. So good to have it finally done. Now to find a home for it.
HOMEMAKING TIPS: Do you buy honey from the beekeeper in quart jars?  And they get sticky and hard to open? Put a piece of plastic wrap on the top of the jar before screwing on the lid. (they do need to be replaced occasionally)
LOOKING AROUND THE HOUSE: I see WAY too much stuff on my (ahem) "kitchen counter", but what to do with it? I'll get this RV living figured out one of these days.
FROM MY CAMERA: SNOW...see above
ON MY PRAYER LIST: My friend Ruby, several other friends with health issues
BIBLE VERSE, DEVOTIONAL: Remember that only one-third of the angels were cast out of heaven.  This means that there are TWO good angels for each evil angel, so we have nothing to fear. 
Today's Thankfuls:
That Jesus is my Savior
That the snow finally stopped and the wind has quieted down
That my little house is warm and dry.
That I can be down here by my family
Have a happy and blessed day!



  1. I didn't realize you had been doing the Happy Homemaker Monday for a bit! So glad you commented on my post so I could come take a look. So glad you got the snow and not me;)

  2. So funny about the dog, mine do that as well if it's too cold to go out, they take one step out and come right back in LOL

    Welcome to Happy Homemaker Monday, so glad to see a new face :)

    Have a wonderful week!